Academic Progress Report


The Academic Progress Report (APR) is a degree progress tool available to College of Engineering undergraduates under the CalCentral My Academics tab. Please note that the APR is in its initial phases of release and you should expect to see errors on your APR. Your ESS Adviser will continue to monitor your degree progress using a separate process. Please know that at this time the APR will not determine whether or not you have fulfilled requirements for your degree. For an official degree check, please make an appointment with your ESS Adviser.

The APR is designed to track progress toward completing degree requirements, including: University, Campus, College of Engineering, Major, and Minor Requirements, if applicable. Please read this webpage for important information and then review the APR accordingly.

What is the APR?

The APR tracks progress toward completion of degree requirements. These requirements include:

University of California Requirements

Entry Level Writing, American History, American Institutions, 120 Minimum Units, Overall GPA, Passed/No Passed Limit, Senior Residence

UC Berkeley Campus Requirement

American Cultures

College of Engineering Requirements

Humanities/Social Sciences, Upper Division Technical GPA, COE Senior Residence

Major Requirements

Lower Division Core, Upper Division Core, Unit and/or Elective Requirements

Minor Requirements

Note that not all minors are coded into the APR yet.

How to use the APR

The APR tool is in its initial stages of release for College of Engineering undergraduates; therefore, we expect that the APR will not be 100% accurate for most students. Nonetheless, we encourage you to run your APR and report any errors to us (see below). With your participation, the APR can become more accurate and can be developed into a tool that students can reliably use to track their degree progress.

  1. Log into CalCentral.
  2. Navigate to the My Academics tab, go to Degree Progress in the middle column and click on the Academic Progress Report link.
  3. Note that the APR is organized in a hierarchical format – course requirements are categorized according to University and Campus Requirements, College Requirements, each student’s respective Major Requirements, and Additional Coursework.
  4. The Academic Objective and Academic Summary windows present information about major(s), graduation terms, cumulative GPA and others.
  5. You can choose from the options to Collapse All or Expand All tabs based on your preference. Click on View Report as PDF to save a .pdf version of the current report.
  6. Be sure to understand the course status icons as they indicate whether a course has been Taken (or “Satisfied,” “Completed”, or “Used”) or is In Progress. If the In Progress course is not completed with an acceptable grade, the requirement status will change back to Not Satisfied. Please note that for requirements that must be completed with a letter grade, a course completed with a Passed grade is not acceptable. Be sure to confirm whether or not a letter grade is required before changing a grading option for an In Progress course.
  7. Requirements may also be Satisfied (or “Taken,” “Completed”, or “Used”) with transfer credit. Please note that these courses will appear as their UC Berkeley equivalent. For example, if a course was completed at Berkeley City College and it is equivalent to a UC Berkeley course, the UC Berkeley course will appear on the APR. The format of the posted grade, however, which begins with a T (e.g. TA), will identify that the requirement was completed with a transfer course. If there is no direct equivalent for a transfer course to a UC Berkeley course, it will appear as a pseudo course (e.g. HISTORY TRLD) in the APR. For more information please refer to the Transfer Credit Report.
  8. As a College of Engineering student, we recommend that you focus your attention on course requirements (ex. Math 53), category requirements (ex. Humanities and Social Sciences) and unit requirements (ex. 20 units of upper division technical courses).

How to report errors in the APR

It may be that the APR is missing information, miscalculating units, or inaccurately reflecting completion of requirements. Please use the below methods to report errors.

For University and/or Campus Requirements

Open a case with Cal Student Central to report errors with any of the following:

  • Entry Level Writing
  • American History
  • American Institutions
  • American Cultures
  • 120 Minimum Units
  • Overall GPA
  • Passed/No Passed limit
  • Senior Residence

For College and/or Major Requirements

Complete the APR Errors for Engineering Requirements form to report errors with any of the following:

  • Humanities/Social Sciences Requirement
  • Upper Division Technical GPA
  • COE Senior Residence
  • Major Requirements
  • Approved substitutions granted via petition

We expect to receive a lot of submissions, so please allow several weeks for your error to be addressed.

Difficulty accessing the APR in CalCentral?

For technical assistance with CalCentral, please contact SIS Support by phone at (510) 664-9000 (press option 6 to reach SIS support) or by email at