You’d be hard-pressed to find an area where Berkeley Engineering faculty aren’t making breakthrough advances to improve our global quality of life. Medicine. Public safety. Sustainability. Genetics. Computing. Space programs. The list is endless. Like many scientists and scholars, they possess that rare combination of curiosity, innovation and a sharp intelligence that pushes envelopes and leads to revolutionary discoveries.

What makes our faculty unique to Berkeley is the pursuit of the question “Why not?” Why not break the rules to see what happens? Why not challenge traditional thinking? Why not take a stand on social issues? Why not change the world?

In their teaching and research alike, our faculty are committed to sharing their knowledge and discoveries to create a new generation of leading engineers. And they excel at working across disciplines, in teams, institutes and creative collaborations.

The fact that Berkeley Engineering is one of the top research and teaching institutions in the country is directly related to the caliber of our exceptional faculty. To learn more about our individual faculty members and their latest achievements, visit our departments, our faculty honors and awards page and our News page.