Research & faculty

Inventing the future

You’d be hard-pressed to find an area where Berkeley Engineering faculty and our research centers and institutes aren’t making breakthrough advances to improve our global quality of life. Medicine. Public safety. Sustainability. Genetics. Computing. Space programs. The list is nearly endless as Berkeley engineers make a global impact with their areas of inquiry and discovery.

We’re located in the Bay Area’s vibrant culture of innovation and play an integral role in the Silicon Valley ecosystem. We’re known for our tradition of challenging conventions and for looking at problems from new angles of inquiry. Working within state-of-the-art facilities or out in the field, our premier faculty and post-docs are collaborating to break intellectual and technological ground.

Engineering research

We are home to more than 50 centers and institutes, where engineering researchers are bridging disciplines and sharing insights at the farthest edge of discovery. Our advanced student training and our deep relationships with key industry partners further strengthen our stature as intellectual leaders. 

Undergraduate research

Studying with top-tier faculty is just the beginning. Working in their labs and studios, standing at the forefront of discovery, is where you can really put your engineering education to work.


Like many scientists and scholars, Berkeley Engineering faculty possess that rare combination of curiosity, innovation and a sharp intelligence that pushes envelopes and leads to revolutionary discoveries. It also wins them recognition and awards from the press, the public and their peers in engineering and academia.

Eli Yablonovitch with a model of photonic crystals
EECS professor Eli Yablonovitch (Photo by Adam Lau/Berkeley Engineering)