Faculty and staff directory

College of Engineering offices & staff

College of Engineering Deans Office

320 McLaughlin Hall # 1700
Berkeley, CA 94720-1700
(510) 642-5771
Fax (510) 642-9178
Email engineeringdean@berkeley.edu

Tsu-Jae King Liu, Dean of the College and Roy W. Carlson Professor of Engineering
Karl van Bibber, Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean, Research
Kara Nelson, Associate Dean, Equity & Inclusion
Lisa Pruitt, Associate Dean for Students
Masayoshi Tomizuka, Associate Dean for Faculty
Tarek Zohdi, Associate Dean for Post-Baccalaureate Programs
Eric Fraser, Chief Technology Officer
Dat Le, Executive Assistant Dean, Administration
Melissa Nidever, Executive Assistant Dean, Strategic Priorities
Jasmine Payne, Assistant Dean, Development
Scott Shackleton, Assistant Dean, Capital Projects & Facilities
Stacey Shulman, Assistant Dean, Academic Personnel
Cynthia Weekley, Assistant Dean, Human Resources, and Executive Director, ERSO
Sarah Yang, Assistant Dean, Marketing & Communications
Fiona Doyle, Special Advisor to the Dean on Academic Matters
George Leitmann, Special Adviser to the Dean
Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Special Advisor to the Dean on Entrepreneurship
Julie Allen, Academic Personnel Analyst
Naeemah Daggao, Senior Human Resources Analyst
Teresa Gonzalez, Academic Personnel Analyst
Zoya Korshun, Senior Financial Analyst
Yu-Tin Kuo, Manager, Administrative Computing Group
Bryan Lee, System Administration
Jeannine Miles, Senior Financial Analyst
Maria Odezynskyj, Financial Analyst
Miguel Quinonez-Skinner, Web and Database Applications Programmer
Dorian Signori, Executive Assistant
Stephanie Smith, Executive Assistant to the Dean
Myra Solomon, Accounting Specialist
Pei-Chung Ting, Technical Support/AV Support
Ariane Wolfe, Administrative Officer

Engineering Student Services

230 Bechtel Engineering Center # 1702
Berkeley, CA 94720-1702
(510) 642-7594
Fax (510) 643-8653
Email ess@berkeley.edu

Lisa Pruitt, Associate Dean for Students
Kara Nelson, Associate Dean, Equity & Inclusion
Fatima Alleyne, Director, Community Engagement & Inclusive Practices
Meltem Erol, Director, Graduate Student Outreach
Lizzie Hager-Barnard, Director, K-12 Outreach
Marvin Lopez, Director, Engineering Student Programs
Sharon Mueller, Director, Engineering Student Advising
Kedrick Perry, Director, Strategic Initiatives/Executive Director of Grand Challenges
Catherine Bouvier Dang, Academic Adviser
Chaniqua Butscher, Academic Adviser
Luis Castillo, Student Development Manager
Olivia Chan, Academic Adviser
Bryan Jones, Academic Adviser
Claire-Marie Kooi, Student Engagement Programs Manager
Anne Mayoral, Program Director, Girls in Engineering
Nicole McIntyre, Manager of Transfer Success Initiatives
Tiffany Reardon, Associate Director, Engineering Excellence Programs
Shareena Samson, Academic Adviser
Tracy Siira, Administrative Assistant
Dawn Strough, Academic Adviser
Sonia Travaglini, Learning & Success Specialist
Joey Wong, Academic Adviser

Berkeley Engineering Fund

312 McLaughlin Hall # 1722
Berkeley, CA 94720-1722
(510) 642-2487
Fax (510) 643-7054
Email bef@berkeley.edu

College Relations & Strategic Partnerships

Melissa Nidever, Executive Assistant Dean, Strategic Priorities
Jahna Antoniades, Senior Development Associate

308 McLaughlin Hall # 1722
Berkeley, CA 94720-1722
(510) 642-2487
Fax (510) 643-7054
Jasmine Payne, Assistant Dean, Development
Leah Katz Ahmadi, Associate Director, Development (Berkeley Engineering Fund)
Jesus Barot, Gift Acknowledgement Coordinator
Bernadette Blanco, Development Associate
Lauren Henderson Owens, Senior Director, Development (Major Gifts)
Liz Hill, Associate Director, Advancement Systems
Megan Hobbs, Director of Donor Relations and Campaign Operations
Karen Holtermann, Development Consultant
Dale Masterson, Senior Director, Development
Lilly Omid, Senior Director, Development (Berkeley Engineering Fund)
Jessie Qian, Development Associate
Randy Sweringen, Senior Director, Development
Christine Willand, Senior Director, Development

International & Corporate Partnerships
208 McLaughlin Hall
Matthew Sherburne, Interim Director, International Partnerships
Julia Zolinsky, Director, Corporate & Foundation Relations
Olivia Kuo, Director, International Programs
Betsy Gudino, Assistant Director, International Programs

Marketing & Communications
201 McLaughlin Hall
(510) 643-6803
Sarah Yang, Assistant Dean, Marketing & Communications
Julianna Fleming, Managing Editor and Senior Associate Director, Marketing & Communications
Adam Lau, Multimedia and Design Associate
Steve McConnell, Web Director and Digital News Engineer
Kirsten Mickelwait, Writer and Marketing Specialist
Laura Vogt, Associate Director, Marketing & Communications

Engagement Programs
312 McLaughlin Hall
(510) 643-6898
Email bears@berkeley.edu
Jayne Anderson, Executive Director, Engagement Programs
Sarah Kweller, Assistant Director, Engagement Programs

Executive and Professional Education

244 Sutardja Dai Hall # 1764
Berkeley, CA  94720-1764
(510) 664-4464
Executive and Professional Education website
Keith Gatto, Director of Academic Affairs

Facilities and Capital Projects

205 McLaughlin Hall # 1700
Berkeley, CA  94720-1700
(510) 643-2055
Fax (510) 642-7654

Richmond Field Station # 3580
1301 South 46th Street

Richmond,  CA  94804-3580
(510) 665-3401
Fax (510) 665-3503
Operations Richmond Field Station website

Scott Shackleton, Assistant Dean, Capital Projects & Facilities
Justin Cocke, Superintendent, Berkeley Global Campus
Dan Essley, Facilities Manager, Etcheverry
Kathryn Hetzner, Facilities Manager, Berkeley Global Campus
Susan Madison, Facilities Project Manager
Erick Robleto, Custodial Supervisor, Berkeley Global Campus
Jennifer Teverbaugh, Facilities Manager, Hearst Memorial Mining Building
Paula Zamora, Facilities Manager, McLaughlin Hall and Bechtel Engineering Center

Engineering Research Support Organization (ERSO)

ERSO contact page
Visit the ERSO website

Karl van Bibber, Executive Associate Dean and Associate Dean, Research
Cynthia Weekley, Executive Director
Jennifer Stone, Deputy Director, Business Services

Engineering departments


306 Stanley Hall # 1762
Berkeley, CA 94720-1762
(510) 642-5833
Contact BioE

Civil & Environmental Engineering

760 Davis Hall # 1710
Berkeley, CA 94720-1710
(510) 642-3261

Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences


EE Division
253 Cory Hall # 1770
Berkeley, CA 94720-1770
(510) 642-3214

CS Division
387 Soda Hall # 1776
Berkeley, CA 94720-1776
(510) 642-1042

Engineering Science

230 Bechtel Engineering Center # 1702
Berkeley, CA 94720-1702
(510) 642-7594

Industrial Engineering & Operations Research

4141 Etcheverry Hall # 1777
Berkeley, CA 94720-1777
(510) 642-5484

Materials Science & Engineering

210 Hearst Mining Building # 1760
Berkeley, CA 94720-1760
(510) 642-3801
Email MSE

Mechanical Engineering

6141 Etcheverry Hall # 1740
Berkeley, CA 94720-1740
(510) 642-1338
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Nuclear Engineering

4155 Etcheverry Hall # 1730
Berkeley, CA 94720-1730
(510) 642-4077
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