Become a Berkeley engineer

Because at Berkeley Engineering, we’re fully invested in preparing our future engineers to meet today’s challenges with creativity and innovation. There’s never been a better time to be an engineer.

As an engineer, you’ll be finding solutions to the world’s most pressing problems — but first, you’ll need to get the finest possible training in your field. Our globally renowned program attracts the best and brightest students to study with top-tier faculty who are making groundbreaking discoveries. We believe in a solid foundation of math and science but also in the importance of enriching our rigorous curriculum with research opportunities, support services and team activities.

For detailed information on how to apply, prospective undergraduates should go to the Berkeley admissions website; prospective graduate students should visit the graduate admissions website.


Four-year graduation rate for incoming freshmen

Financial aid

To learn more about costs of attendance, types of financial aid, eligibility and deadlines, visit Berkeley’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. For the current schedule of fees and tuition, see the Office of the Registrar. Please note that university fees are subject to change. Nonresident students, in particular, should plan carefully to ensure adequate financial resources.

Podcast: Financial aid Q&A

Girls in Engineering

Pathways to college

Berkeley Engineering offers a range of outreach programs to engage K–12 students in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) activities and steer them toward college. And members of our community — students, faculty, alumni — are eager to share their expertise and enthusiasm with future engineers by providing tours, workshops and hands-on activities that illustrate how engineers are changing the world.

Come for a visit

Reserve your place on a student-led tour of Berkeley Engineering, or sign up for a walking tour of the full Berkeley campus. Other resources are available through the UC Berkeley Visitor Services website.


Find a building, explore our neighborhood, even get directions to campus — we’ve got online and printable maps for almost any need.

Admissions events

Graduate admissions

Ready to dig deeper in your field of study and work alongside some of the top scholars and researchers in the world? Each of our departments offers master’s and doctoral programs in their field, along with specialized masters programs focused on areas like entrepreneurship, financial engineering, design, translational medicine and more.

We’re also working hard to build the pipeline of qualified graduate student applicants, participating in outreach and recruitment programs on campus and across the nation.