World map showing Berkeley Engineering collaborations

International programs

At Berkeley Engineering, we take the term “global” literally — the college has a broad and rich history of international engagement with institutions and researchers all over the world. Every year, each of our departments welcomes students and researchers from across the globe. These international educational and research collaborations play a vital role in the development, exchange, and dissemination of new knowledge, bringing together top minds from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

GLOBE: the Dado & Maria Banatao Center for Global Learning and Outreach from Berkeley EngineeringWe currently offer seven educational exchange programs with leading universities around the world, including international scholar exchanges and international research centers. And we’re developing large-scale international engineering education centers in both the developed and the developing world. Come to GLOBE: the Dado & Maria Banatao Center for Global Learning and Outreach from Berkeley Engineering and discover ways to broaden your own world.

Online education

The College of Engineering has developed the Global Studies Institutes, which offer both online and in-person instruction of the engineering curriculum. These centers are designed to offer broader access to Berkeley Engineering’s world-class education, both in the developed world — those seeking specific knowledge and training — as well as in the developing world, to develop talent in these emerging countries. To that end, we have partnered with Shorelight as our online content provider.

Study abroad

It makes sense to get out there and see the world we’re changing. Berkeley Engineering works in concert with the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) as well as non-UC sponsored programs to enrich your engineering education with an experience in a foreign country.