Bioengineers in the labBioengineering researchers study regenerating damaged cardiac tissue. (Photo by Noah Berger)



Department of Bioengineering

306 Stanley Hall # 1762
Berkeley, CA 94720-1762

You’re equally intrigued by electronics and biology. Or you want to invent revolutionary biocompatible medical implants. Or you’re interested in the intersection of information technology and pharmaceutical development. Or any number of the infinite possibilities that come from applying engineering to biological systems. Bioengineering is a growing discipline, and much work in this area involves research and development. Genetics, nanotechnology, medical devices and tissue engineering are just a few of the many professional outlets for bioengineers. Some students even use their degrees as launching points for careers in management, business or law.

Why choose Berkeley?

Because our bioengineering programs are ranked in the top eight, according to U.S. News & World Report. Because our major features small, specialized upper-division courses in a choice of six defined concentration areas, as well as significant interaction with professors. Because we collaborate with such institutions as UC San Francisco and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and connect with the larger Bay Area biotech industry. Our faculty research specialties include bioinstrumentation, biomaterials and nanotechnology, cell and tissue engineering, computational biology, and systems and synthetic biology. And the department offers many opportunities for undergraduate research.

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