Stuart Russell

Warning! AI is heading for a cliff

EECS professor Stuart Russell proposes a solution to AI’s fundamental "design error."

Warning! AI is heading for a cliff

9/19/2019 EECS professor Stuart Russell proposes a solution to AI’s fundamental "design error."

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Rebecca Abergel

A single dose for good measure

9/13/2019 Nuclear engineering professor Rebecca Abergel and her colleagues at Berkeley Lab developed a pill designed to treat radiation poisoning that could double as an anti-gadolinium-toxicity pill for MRI patients.

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Students make neutrons dance beneath campus

9/11/2019 In an underground vault enclosed by six-foot concrete walls and accessed by a rolling, 25-ton concrete-and-steel door, nuclear engineering students are making neutrons dance to a new tune: one better suited to producing isotopes required for geological dating, police forensics, hospital diagnosis and treatment.

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  • U.S. Military researchers work to fix easily fooled AI

    9/19/2019 NPR - NPR's All Things Considered talked to EECS professor Dawn Song about her AI work with traffic signs to explain how U.S. Military researchers are working to combat what they call "adversarial artificial intelligence." That's when someone hacks into an AI system to transmit the wrong information.

  • Berkeley Engineering is #3 in U.S. News rankings

    9/9/2019 U.S. News & World Report - Berkeley Engineering was again ranked the number three program overall and the top public engineering school, in the 2020 U.S. News & World Report annual list of “America’s Best Colleges.” Eight individual engineering programs were ranked top 5 in their respective fields, and all were in the top 10.

  • Sally Floyd, who helped things run smoothly online, dies at 69

    9/5/2019 New York Times - Sally Floyd (Ph.D '89, EECS) was one of the inventors of Random Early Detection, which continues to play a vital role in the stability of the internet. She passed away on August 25.

  • New Bakar Fellows already are making an impact

    9/5/2019 - Three Berkeley Engineering professors have been named 2019 - 2020 Bakar Fellows. The fellows are Niren Murthy (BioE), Raluca Ada Popa (EECS) and Kenichi Soga (CEE).

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