Thumbnail of video: Fire & Water: Restoring natural fire to California's mountains

Fire & water

Restoring natural fire regimes to California’s mountains could be a win-win-win: more water, improved biodiversity and a reduced risk of catastrophic fires.

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Fire & water

Restoring natural fire regimes to California's mountains could be a win-win-win: more water, improved biodiversity and a reduced risk of catastrophic fires

11/14/2018, by Nate Seltenrich The verdant meadows of Illilouette Creek drain directly into the southeastern corner of bustling Yosemite Valley via 370-foot Illilouette Falls. Springtime wildflower displays draw crowds from the popular lookout at Glacier Point, a short hike away. The Illilouette Creek Basin also happens to be surrounded by a bowl of pure Yosemite granite, meaning its 40,000 acres are actually quite isolated in one important way: fire. When a blaze ignites by lightning, it’s not likely to escape. Typically firefighters don’t even...

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Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu

Q+A with Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu

11/14/2018 New Berkeley Engineering Dean Tsu-Jae King Liu elaborates on her priorities and long-term vision for the college.

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Playing high school football changes the teenage brain

11/15/2018 A single season of high school football may be enough to cause microscopic changes in the structure of the brain, according to a new study led by Berkeley EECS professor Chunlei Liu.

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MRI scans showing changes in the brains of young football players
  • Tsu-Jae King Liu honored for contributions to research and industry

    11/19/2018 - This month, Berkeley Engineering dean Tsu-Jae King Liu was honored by the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) and Women’s Inc. magazine for her trailblazing contributions to research and industry.

  • New group to explore engineering solutions for wildfires

    11/16/2018 Fung Institute - The newly formed Fire Research Group , led by mechanical engineering professor Tarek Zohdi, brings together scientists from UC Berkeley, the Space Sciences Lab and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to find more effective engineering solutions for uncontrolled wildfires.

  • 'I don't really want to work at Facebook'

    11/15/2018 New York Times - A visit to Cal Hacks finds that for many young engineers, including Berkeley computer science students, the stigma of working for Facebook is beginning to outweigh the financial and other benefits.

  • Shmuel Oren awarded Berkeley Citation

    11/13/2018 - Recently retired IEOR professor Shmuel Oren, now serving as a professor of the graduate school, has been awarded the Berkeley Citation, one of UC Berkeley’s highest awards honoring individuals "whose achievements exceed the standards of excellence."

150 years of innovation

Berkeley Engineering 150As Berkeley Engineering celebrates a century and a half of making our mark on history, we're highlighting people with the pioneering spirit, creative energy and social responsibility that characterize the college. This week: Chelsea Finn, teaching robots to learn.

Chelsea Finn


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