Endowed chairs and distinguished professorships

American Bureau of Shipping Chair in Ocean Engineering Reza Alam (ME)
A. Martin Berlin Chair in Mechanical Engineering Costas Grigoropoulos (ME)
Blum Center Distinguished Chair in Global Poverty and Practice Ananya Roy (CED)
Blum Chancellor’s Chair in Development Engineering Kara Nelson (CEE)
Robert E. and Beverly A. Brooks Professorship Raluca Popa (EECS)
Howard P. Brown Chair in Mechanical Engineering Chris Dames (ME)
Edgar L. and Harold H. Buttner Chair of Electrical Engineering Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli (EECS)
Cadence Distinguished Professorship in the College of Engineering Kameshwar Poolla (ME)
Edward G. Cahill and John R. Cahill Chair for Civil or Mineral Engineering Nicholas Sitar (CEE/MSE)
Roy W. Carlson Chair in the College of Engineering Tsu-Jae King Liu (EECS)
Roy W. Carlson Distinguished Professorship Paulo Monteiro (CEE)
S.K. & Angela Chan Distinguished Chair in Energy Peidong Yang (Chemistry/MSE)
Morris Chang Distinguished Chair in the Management of Technology Innovation Candace Yano (Business/IEOR)
Purnendu Chatterjee Chair in Energy Technologies Ramesh Ramamoorthy (MSE)
Purnendu Chatterjee Chair in Engineering Biological Systems Daniel Fletcher (BioE)
Pehong Chen Distinguished Professorship in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Michael Jordan (EECS)
Arthur J. Chick Endowed Chair in EECS Jitendra Malik (EECS)
H.T. and Jessie Chua Distinguished Professorship Robert O. Ritchie (MSE)
Class of 1941 WWII Memorial Endowed Chair Phillip Messersmith (BioE/MSE)
Ray W. & Shirley Clough Presidential Chair in Structural Engineering
Matthew DeJong (CEE)
Conexant Systems Distinguished Professorship in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Clark Nguyen (EECS)
Montford G. Cook Chair in the College of Engineering Steven Conolly (BioE)
Don M. Cunningham Endowed Professorship Grace O’Connell (ME)
Dr. Richard Carl Dehmel Distinguished Professorship James Demmel (EECS)
Charles A. Desoer Chair in Engineering Claire Tomlin (EECS)
The Faculty Chair in Earthquake Engineering Excellence Jonathan Bray (CEE)
Jan Fandrianto and Selfia Halim Professorship in Engineering Kevin Healy (BioE/MSE)
FANUC Chair in Mechanical Systems Francesco Borrelli (ME)
The James Fife Chair Roberto Horowitz (ME)
William S. Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering Ken Goldberg (IEOR)
William S. Floyd and Jean McCallum Floyd Chair in Engineering Per Peterson (NE)
Howard Friesen Chair David Culler (EECS)
Coleman Fung Chair in Financial Modeling Xin Guo (IEOR)
Fung Institute Directorship Lee Fleming (IEOR)
Jim Gray Chair in Engineering Joseph Hellerstein (EECS)
Paul R. Gray Presidential Chair in Engineering Excellence Björn Hartmann (EECS)
Andrew S. Grove Distinguished Professorship Costas Spanos (EECS)
Timothy and Karen Guertin Chair in Bioengineering
Moriel Vandsburger (BioE)
The Will C. Hall Family Chair in Engineering Tarek I. Zohdi (ME)
C. Lester Hogan Chair in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Shafi Goldwasser (EECS)
Robert Horonjeff Chair in Civil Engineering Michael Cassidy (CEE)
Hubbard Howe, Jr. Distinguished Chair in Biochemical Engineering David Schaffer (BioE/Chemistry)
Chenming Hu Endowed Professorship in Electrical Engineering Boubacar Kante (EECS)
Roscoe and Elizabeth Hughes Chair in Mechanical Engineering Alice Agogino (ME)
Earl J. Isaac Chair in the Science and Analysis of Decision Making Phil Kaminsky (IEOR)
Paul and Stacy Jacobs Distinguished Professorship in Engineering John Canny (EECS)
The Carl W. Johnson Chair in Engineering Robert Harley (CEE)
Horace, Dorothy & Katherine Johnson Chair in Engineering Sanjay Govindjee (CEE)
Gary and Sherron Kalbach Chair in Business Administration Candace Yano (IEOR/Haas)
Ernest S. Kuh Endowed Chair in Engineering Peter Hosemann (NE)
Lam Distinguished Chair in Semiconductor Processing Ali Javey (EECS)
James and Katherine Lau Chair in Engineering Eli Yablonovitch (EECS)
Liao-Cho Innovation Chair, College of Engineering Alex Bayen (CEE)
T. Y. and Margaret Lin Chair in Engineering Claudia Ostertag (CEE)
Lester John Lloyd and Lynne Dewar Lloyd Distinguished Professorship in the College of Engineering John Dueber (BioE)
MacArthur Foundation Chair
Amy Herr (BioE)
John William MacKay, Jr. Electrical Engineering Professorship Ronald Fearing (EECS)
P. Malozemoff Chair in Mineral Engineering David Sedlak (CEE)
Almy C. Maynard and Agnes Offield Maynard Chair in Mechanical Engineering Lydia Sohn (ME)
Donald H. McLaughlin Chair in Mineral Engineering Kenichi Soga (CEE)
Henry and Joyce Miedema Chair in Civil Engineering Mark Stacey (CEE)
National Semiconductor Distinguished Professorship in the College of Engineering Borivoje Nikolic (EECS)
NEC Distinguished Professorship Ruzena Bajcsy (EECS)
Cheryl and John Neerhout Jr. Distinguished Professorship in Engineering Masayoshi Tomizuka (ME)
A. Richard Newton Chair in Engineering Van Carey (ME)
Dean A. Richard Newton Memorial Professorship Adam Arkin (BioE)
Byron and Elvira Nishkian Chair in Structural Engineering Filip C. Filippou (CEE)
Nortel Networks Distinguished Professorship in EECS Ming-Chiang Wu (EECS)
Kikuo Ogawa and Kaoru Ogawa Chair Alistair Sinclair (EECS)
Arthur C. and Phyllis G. Oppenheimer Chair in Advanced Materials Analysis Mark Asta (MSE)
Donald O. Pederson Distinguished Professorship in EECS Ali Niknejad (EECS)
Lawrence E. Peirano Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering Arpad Horvath (CEE)
Carl S. Penther Endowed Chair in EECS Scott Shenker (EECS)
Robert S. Pepper Distinguished Professorship in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Katherine Yelick (EECS)
Philomathia Chair in Alternative Energy Jay Keasling (BioE/ChemE)
Qualcomm Chair in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Avideh Zakhor (EECS)
The Andrew and Virginia Rudd Family Foundation Distinguished Chair in Safe Water and Sanitation Ashok Gadgil (CEE)
Samsung Distinguished Chair in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Paul Alivisatos (MSE)
Shankar Sastry Chair for Leadership and Innovation Karl van Bibber (NE)
S. Shankar Sastry Professorship in Emerging Technologies Rikky Muller (EECS)
Fred and Claire Sauer Chair in Environmental Engineering Lisa Alvarez-Cohen (CEE)
Clare and Hsieh-Wen Shen Distinguished Professorship in Civil and Environmental Engineering Scott Moura (CEE)
The Thomas M. Siebel Chair in Computer Science S. Shankar Sastry (EECS/ME/BioE)
Arnold and Barbara Silverman Distinguished Professorship in Bioengineering Luke Lee (BioE)
Arnold and Barbara Silverman Distinguished Chair Robert J. Birgeneau (MSE)
Michael H. Smith and Lotfi A. Zadeh Chair in Engineering Stuart J. Russell (EECS)
Russell Severance Springer Professorship of Mechanical Engineering Visiting faculty appointments
Roger A. Strauch Chair in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Umesh Vazirani (EECS)
Taisei Chair in Civil Engineering Khalid Mosalam (CEE)
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) Distinguished Professorship Sayeef Salahuddin (EECS)
Lawrence Talbot Chair Lisa Pruitt (ME)
Daniel M. Tellep Distinguished Professorship in Engineering Gerbrand Ceder (MSE)
Tien-Modak Chancellor’s Chair in Engineering Philip Marcus (ME)
United Microelectronics Corp. Distinguished Professorship Randy H. Katz (EECS)
Ted Van Duzer Endowed Professorship Laura Waller (EECS)
Harvey E. Wagner Presidential Chair in Artificial Intelligence Benjamin Recht (EECS)
James Marshall Wells Academic Chair in Mechanical Engineering Liwei Lin (ME)
John R. Whinnery Chair in EECS Constance Chang-Hasnain (EECS)
Ed and Diane Wilson Presidential Chair Jack Moehle (CEE)
Wood-Calvert Chair in Engineering Catherine P. Koshland (SPH)
Xenel Distinguished Professor Samer Madanat (CEE)