T-PREP: Transfer Pre-Engineering Program

Berkeley Engineering’s Transfer Pre-Engineering Program (T-PREP) is an eighteen-day summer program offered to incoming Berkeley Engineering transfer students. The transition from a community college to a major research university can be challenging, and transfer students often underestimate the degree of change. Students who participate in T-PREP will be fully prepared to meet the rigors of being a junior in the College of Engineering. T-PREP is just one of the many support services offered by Engineering Student Services.

There are three main thrusts of Berkeley’s Transfer Pre-Engineering Program:  

  • Academic Component: T-PREP students will attend primer seminars based on coursework in their majors. Participants will make valuable connections with other incoming transfer students and T-PREP alumni.
  • Professional Development Component: T-PREP students will be ready to hit the ground running for fall career fairs and find out what it takes to get into graduate school.  Landing a dream job is a journey and it starts with T-PREP!
  • Design Component: T-PREP students will work with engineering Professor Scott Moura in the Jacobs Institute of Design Innovation. Working with a team, students will create a prototype using the SPRINT design process. At the end of the program they'll showcase the team's product at the Design Expo to industry representatives (such as Chevron and Micron) and Berkeley Engineering faculty.  

Do I qualify for T-PREP?

All incoming Berkeley Engineering community college transfer students are invited to apply for T-PREP. The program focuses on the academic issues facing students from groups who are:

  • Students from Non-Traditional Backgrounds in Engineering
  • First-generation College students (meaning that neither parent has completed a four year degree in the US)
  • Pell Grant Eligible
  • Non-traditionally aged
  • Student Parents
  • U.S. veterans

When is T-PREP offered?

T-PREP is an eighteen-day program, July 28 - August 14, 2020, right before Golden Bear Orientation. You must be available to fully commit to the entire three-week program.

What is the cost of T-PREP?

Through the generous support of our sponsors — Boeing, Chevron, General Motors, Micron, RECARE Foundation, Brian & Lisa Davis, Lisa Guerra & Chuck Kung and College of Engineering — T-PREP is free. You will not be responsible for lodging, food, books and class time are all provided. A small amount of spending money is all you’ll need.

How do I apply?

The application for the 2020 cohort will be available online beginning in April 2020. T-PREP applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis, so apply early. All students will be notified no later than June 1. 

T-PREP frequently asked questions

Is there any cost to me to participate in T-PREP? Will housing and meals be provided?
Participation in T-PREP is completely free of charge, and all meals and housing will be provided.

How many students usually apply? Of those who apply, how many are selected?
All incoming engineering community college transfer students are invited to apply for T-PREP. The cohort size is limited to 60 students — therefore, selection is competitive.

Is selection on a first come, first served basis?
T-PREP applicants are admitted on a rolling basis, so it is important to apply early. Each student’s application will be carefully evaluated, be as thorough as possible when answering the application questions.

Is T-PREP a new program?
T-PREP began in the summer of 2013, since then, nearly 300 transfer students have participated in Berkeley Engineering’s Transfer Pre-Engineering Program.

Is priority given to certain students?
All applications for T-PREP will be reviewed and carefully considered. However, priority is given to students who will be taking Engineering 7 or CS 61A during the fall semester.

I am an incoming freshman but I took a lot of courses at a community college? Can I apply for T-PREP?
No. T-PREP is specifically for students who were admitted as transfer students. Freshmen students should apply to PREP.  

I am an incoming transfer student coming from a different university. Can I apply for T-PREP?
Incoming students from other universities may apply, but priority will be given to students transferring from California community colleges.

Will I need to bring any money with me?
There will be an outing or two during T-PREP, and you will need to buy your own lunch at one of them. You may also want money to buy some basic necessities or to shop.

Where will I be staying during T-PREP? Will I be in my assigned residence hall room for the fall semester? If not, when will I move into my residence hall room?
All T-PREP participants will be housed in a university residence hall together. After the conclusion of the program we will help you move into your assigned residence hall room for the fall semester.

Will I need somewhere to stay between the end of T-PREP and the move-in date for my specific residence hall?
Housing between the end of T-PREP and the residence hall move-in day will not be necessary. All T-PREP participants will be able to move into their assigned residence hall room immediately after the conclusion of T-PREP.

Is the program all day? Can I work while attending T-PREP, leave during the program for a family event or arrive after the first day?
Participants must be able to completely engage themselves in the entire length  of the program. Students will not have time to work or take classes.

Will I have free time during T-PREP?
Students will have access to UC Berkeley’s Recreational Sports Facility during the program and there is some free time but the program schedule is quite packed so participants may not work and take classes during the program.

Can I bring my animal to live with me in the dorms during T-PREP?
Pets are not allowed. If you require a service or emotional support animal, please refer to the Animal Accommodations Form.