Class enrollment form

Identification Information
Select your major(s). Hold the Ctrl key to select multiple majors. Joint and dual majors should select both of their majors. Undeclared student should select the major(s) they are considering. Students doing a simultaneous degree with another college need only to select their major within the College of Engineering.
Expected Graduation Date
Intended Schedule

Your intended schedule must meet the following conditions:

  • Includes no less than 12 units
  • Includes no more than 20.5 units
  • Includes two technical courses (math, science or engineering) for your major
  • No technical courses are taken on a P/NP basis
First Course
You do not need to include discussion sections on this form. List labs only if they require separate enrollment (i.e. Chem 1AL)
(i.e. 53 for Math 53)
Second Course
Include primary sections only. You do not need to include labs or discussion sections.
(ie, 53 for Math 53)
Total Units
Remember: This should not be any less than 12 units or more than 20.5 units.

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After you press submit, you will be sent an email with an attached PDF version of this form containing all of the information you entered.  You will need to print out the PDF and bring it with you to your faculty advising appointment.