If you are absent from the university for a semester or longer (whether voluntarily or not), you must apply for readmission in order to resume study in a future semester. Readmission applications must include: Undergraduate Application for ReadmissionStatement of Legal ResidenceProgram Planning Form and a $70 check made payable to UC Regents. Completed applications should be turned in to your Engineering Student Services (ESS) Adviser no later than the the deadline (June 1 for the fall semester and November 1 for the spring semester), although it is recommended that you submit your application well ahead of those dates to be able to register for your next semester classes in a timely way. If you are participating in a  study abroad program (UCEAP or approved Independent Study Abroad), you do not need to apply for readmission. 

Readmission is never guaranteed; however, students in good standing are generally approved. Students who were not in good standing when they left the university will be subject to review and should contact their ESS Adviser to determine if supplemental materials are required. If you were approved for a medical withdrawal, you must first follow the readmission process as outlined by University Health Services and then submit your readmission application to your ESS Adviser.

While not enrolled at UC Berkeley, any course you take at another college must be approved by your ESS Adviser before you take the course.