Building bears

Students shoot a group selfie as part of the Bear Building scavenger hunt for orientation

8/17/2018 - New freshmen and transfers brought enthusiasm, ideas and selfies to Golden Bear Orientation on Thursday. Check out more shots on Instagram

'Location history' off? Google's still tracking you

Map plotting location history of Google account user

8/17/2018 AP News - Computer science graduate student K. Shankari tipped the Associated Press off to the persistence of Google's movement tracking, even for users who explicitly tell the company not to do so.

Evan Rambo making plays in world of sports technology

Evan Rambo at football practice in Memorial Stadium

8/13/2018 San Francisco Chronicle - Cal football safety Evan Rambo teamed up with students from materials science and engineering, chemical biology and EECS to develop force-tracking wearable technology, a concept that won the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship of Technology' Collider Cup competition.

Working in sync

Thumbnail of video: Cal Athletics: Sports & Tech - Working in Sync

8/2/2018 Cal Sports Quarterly - The Sutardja Center's unique Sports Tech Collider Sprint brings together a cross-section of student athletes and STEM majors to explore ways that entrepreneurship and technology innovation can create competitive advantages for athletes and sports teams.

Introducing FEMTech

Emily Orosco Nuñez Lisanne van Engelen

6/1/2018 FEMTech is Berkeley’s first interdisciplinary tech club for women and underrepresented students.

Redesigning wind power

Diagram of the parts of the new efficient wind turbine: Tower, blades, concentrator and camouflage

6/1/2018 Berkeley Engineering students have designed a wind turbine that is quiet, efficient and protects birds.

Solar cruiser

6/1/2018 Berkeley’s CalSol team designed a new solar-powered vehicle that can hold four passengers.

Out of the GAIT

Tanisha Randhawa with insole prototypes

6/1/2018 Students in the Fung Fellowship are building digital health technologies to meet the challenges of aging.