ESS turns 10, Bechtel becomes a welcome center

Ribbon cutting

10/7/2019 - Berkeley Engineering's new welcome center was unveiled at the 10th anniversary celebration of Engineering Student Services. The center will serve as a place where visitors and students can learn what the college has to offer.

Berkeley receives grant to grow public interest technology

Jennifer Marigold

10/7/2019 - UC Berkeley received a $180,000 grant from the Public Interest Technology University Network to develop an innovative curriculum that encourages students to work across disciplines and understand the ethical, political and societal implications of technology.

Eight Berkeley engineers honored as Siebel Scholars

9/25/2019 - Eight Berkeley Engineering graduate students — five from bioengineering, two from computer science and one from energy science — have been named to the Siebel Scholars Foundation’s 2020 class.

Students make neutrons dance beneath campus


9/11/2019 - In an underground vault enclosed by six-foot-thick concrete walls, nuclear engineering students are making neutrons dance to a new tune: one better suited to producing isotopes for geological dating, forensics, diagnostics and medical treatment.