New esports space coming to Foothill

Fans cheer for the UC Berkeley Overwatch team

4/20/2018 - Campus leaders are planning to convert a community room in the Foothill Residence Hall into a new facility dedicated to competitive student video game teams, ESPN reports.

Valleytronics discovery could extend limits of Moore’s Law

schematic illustrating the variation of electron energy in different states, represented by curved surfaces in space

4/16/2018 Berkeley Lab - New research from Berkeley Lab, co-led by materials science and engineering Ph.D. candidate Shuren Lin, finds useful new information-handling potential in tin sulfide, a candidate “valleytronics” transistor material that might one day enable chipmakers to pack more computing power onto microchips.

More female computing grads challenge tech's bad bros

EECS senio Tammy Nguyen in a Soda Hall computer lab

4/16/2018 Mercury News - More and more women are getting computer science and electrical engineering degrees from Berkeley and Stanford, reversing a national trend. But the growing and heated debate over the technology industry’s male-dominated culture hasn’t escaped the attention of those female students, said EECS professor John DeNero.

From pollution cleanup to building houses, what can’t mushrooms do?

Ph.D. candidate Sonia Travaglini measures a mushroom brick

4/2/2018 - There are more than 5 million species of fungi, each eager to digest a particular waste product — sawdust, plastic, heavy metals — and turn it into new, natural and compostable material. In this Fiat Vox podcast, mechanical engineering Ph.D. candidate Sonia Travaglini talks about her work with "nature's recyclers."

California Alliance improving pipeline to the professoriate

Postdoc Amal El-Ghazaly with EECS professor Jeffrey Bokor

3/13/2018 - Women and underrepresented minorities in STEM fields, like EECS postdoc Amal El-Ghazaly, are moving into the pipeline for coveted faculty positions thanks to a creative coalition of four elite universities, led by UC Berkeley.

Designing resiliency for the pandemic flu

Pandemic Resiliency team members Suyasha Gupta, Jasodhara Raj and Arnaud Bard de Coutance

2/23/2018 Fung Institute - For their capstone project at the Fung Institute, a trio of master of engineering students are working on a software solution to combat the inefficiencies that currently impede efforts to report and track outbreaks of influenza.

Dam scanning

Thumbnail of video: Campanile Fly-Through

2/16/2018 - Two civil engineering students built a 3-D model of Berkeley’s campus to better understand what’s going on with one of California’s many aging dams.

Celebrating diversity in engineering and science

Gary May speaking with students

2/13/2018 - The Black Engineering and Science Students Association and the Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students celebrated milestone anniversaries with a daylong event at Alumni House on Feb. 10, including a keynote address by alumnus and UC Davis Chancellor Gary May.