Berkeley Engineering Fund

As every engineer knows, there’s power in numbers. And each year, thousands of Berkeley Engineering alumni, parents, friends and current students prove it by giving to the Berkeley Engineering Fund. Their contributions come in all sizes — from single digits to five or more digits. Together, they create a vital stream of revenue, which the dean can use to invest in one-of-a-kind opportunities and respond to unforeseen challenges.

Put simply, the fund helps the college stay nimble and keep pace with its peers, like Stanford and MIT, who have larger endowments and are far less vulnerable to swings in state funding levels. It’s no wonder that the fund is the dean’s top fundraising priority.

Your gift to the Berkeley Engineering Fund supports our students and faculty, directly and indirectly. For example, an increasing amount of fund revenue strengthens the collegiate experience with community-building activities and leadership development programs. The dean also uses the fund to provide the core budgets for student-led organizations, to upgrade our laboratory and teaching facilities and to provide seed funding for novel research initiatives.

Individuals contributing $2,500 or more are welcomed to the Dean’s Society and enjoy special communications, events and other donor benefits.

Please be sure to visit the matching gifts page to see if your contribution to the fund qualifies for one or more programs that could increase its value and impact.

Senior class gift

For many students, receiving their undergraduate degree from Berkeley Engineering is their proudest achievement to date. In addition to that well-deserved celebration, this is a great time to join the countless alumni who, for decades, have supported the college to ensure that today’s students receive the very best engineering education. The senior class gift campaign is a beloved tradition through which Berkeley Engineering’s future alumni signal their pride and begin to build their legacy for future generations.

Reunion giving

For generations, Berkeley’s alumni have celebrated reunions with a series of gatherings as well as a special campaign to raise funds for their alma mater. Most reunion classes set an ambitious fundraising dollar goal and count every gift to Berkeley made by members of the class.

Your reunion is a wonderful time to make a special gift to the Berkeley Engineering Fund. Many alumni also mark reunion milestones by making major gifts or planned gifts, helping to ensure that their classes reach their fundraising goals. Whatever the amount, every gift counts toward your class total.