Taking you to the next level

Our interest in an inclusive engineering graduate student body begins early. First, we offer several programs designed to reach out to undergraduates to help them pursue advanced study in the engineering disciplines at Berkeley:

  • Graduate Pathways to STEM (GPS), a partnership between Berkeley and Stanford, was created by Berkeley graduate students in 2015. GPS is a one-day conference aimed at inspiring diverse, first-generation and low-income California talent to pursue advanced engineering and science degrees. Faculty and industry speakers often highlight their own pathway to graduate school, as well as emphasize the importance of diversifying the engineering field.
  • Berkeley Engineering Preview Days is a program in the spring semester designed for rising seniors who are interested in applying to Ph.D. programs in engineering. Participants receive ongoing advising from the Engineering Graduate Outreach office throughout the summer and admissions cycle.

And once you’ve decided to pursue a graduate-level degree at Berkeley Engineering, we offer plenty of support to optimize your success here. Confidential advising — which may include adviser issues, department issues, or the climate of your college/department. Help with fellowship applications — specifically those that require outreach/diversity components. Personal counseling specifically for graduate students. And faculty equity advisers.

Our new EMPOWER workshop is designed to support those who want to foster an inclusive climate in the classroom. This workshop will help create positive change via: 

  • an increase in awareness of our own personal biases
  • interruption of exclusionary behaviors or actions that perpetuate inequality
  • adoption of evidence-based practices that advance equity, inclusion and diversity

The NextProf Nexus program is a partnership with the University of Michigan and the Georgia Institute of Technology that helps third- and fourth-year graduate students prepare to enter the academic job market.

Berkeley Engineering also offers a wide range of student organizations, including many that are specifically for graduate students.