Faculty equity advisers

Each department in the College of Engineering has at least one faculty member who serves as an equity adviser, providing an important resource for students.  Students who have ideas for how to advance equity and inclusion in their department or in the college are encouraged to share them with the equity adviser. Possible ideas include helping organize a town hall meeting or a workshop about unconscious bias, and inviting a speaker to present on a topic related to equity and inclusion.

The equity adviser also serves as a point of contact for support if a student has an experience that has made them feel excluded (either initiated by a professor, GSI, peer or staff member).  At the request of the student, these conversations will be confidential and/or anonymous.*

The 2020-21 equity advisers for Berkeley Engineering are:

  • Chris Anderson (BioE)
  • Evan Variano (CEE)
  • Armando Fox (CS graduate students)
  • Josh Hug (CS undergraduate students)
  • Boubacar Kanté (EE graduate students)
  • Robert Pilawa-Podgurski (EE undergraduate students)
  • Candace Yano (IEOR)
  • Grace O’Connell (ME)
  • Mary Scott (MSE)
  • Rebecca Abergel (NE)

*Equity advisers will do their best to keep the information reported to them private if requested by the student. However, under the UC Policy on Sexual Violence/Sexual Harassment (SVSH), equity advisers (like most employees of the university) are considered Responsible Employees, and as such are required to share with the Office for Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) any information they learn regarding potential violations of the UC Policy on SVSH, including sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking or retaliation for having made a report to OPHD. Equity advisers can connect the impacted individual with the PATH to Care Center, which offers a 24/7 urgent Care Line that can be used by survivors and those (such as an equity adviser) who are seeking support for a survivor. Survivors can talk to PATH to Care advocates in confidence; PATH to Care advocates are not Responsible Employees.

OPHD | ophd.berkeley.edu | ask_ophd@berkeley.edu | (510) 643-7985

PATH to Care | care.berkeley.edu | 24/7 Care Line: (510) 643-2005 | Appointments: (510) 642-1988

Information about UC Berkeley’s Division of Equity and Inclusion, including the Principles of Community by which we operate, is online.