Engineering Advisory Board


College of Engineering

Dean’s Office
320 McLaughlin Hall # 1700
Berkeley, CA 94720-1700

The Berkeley Engineering Advisory Board is composed of successful alumni, tech pioneers, industry leaders and creative visionaries. The board advances our academic and research excellence by:

  • strengthening relationships with our partners in academia, industry and government;
  • shaping new research agendas;
  • envisioning new educational initiatives;
  • developing fellowships, endowed chairs and other forms of student and faculty support; and
  • creating sustainable funding models, among other efforts.

Engineering Advisory Board 2019-20

Diane B. Greene

Diane B. Greene, Co-chair, M.S.’88 EECS

Former founding CEO, VMware; CEO, Google Cloud; Board member, SAP and Stripe

Paul E. Jacobs

Paul E. Jacobs, Co-chair, B.S.’84, M.S.’86, Ph.D.’89 EECS

Founder, chairman & CEO, XCOM

Tsu-Jae King Liu

Tsu-Jae King Liu

Dean and Carlson Professor of Engineering
College of Engineering, UC Berkeley

Dado Banatao

Dado Banatao

Managing partner
Tallwood Venture Capital

Tara Bunch

Tara Bunch, B.S.’85 ME

Head of Global Operations

Purnendu Chatterjee

Purnendu Chatterjee, M.S.’72, Ph.D.’74 IEOR

Founder and chairman, The Chatterjee Group

Wenchi Chen

Wenchi Chen

President and CEO
VIA Technologies, Inc.

T.Y. Chiu

T.Y. Chiu, Ph.D.’83 EECS

President, NSIG (National Silicon Industry Group)
CEO, Zing Semiconductor Corp.

Dipanjan Deb

Dipanjan Deb, B.S.’91 EECS

Co-founder and CEO
Francisco Partners

William S. Floyd, Jr.

William S. Floyd, Jr., B.S.’56 IEOR

Vice president (retired)
Sierra Chemical Company

Coleman Fung

Coleman Fung, B.S.’87 IEOR

Board chair, Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership
CEO and co-founder, Blue Goji

Charles Giancarlo

Charles Giancarlo, M.S.’80 EECS

CEO, PureStorage

Michael Grimes

Michael Grimes, B.S.’87 EECS

Managing director
Global Technology Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley

Ashraf Habibullah

Ashraf Habibullah, M.S.’70 CEE

Founder, president & CEO
Computers & Structures, Inc.

Deirdre Ryan Hanford

Deirdre Ryan Hanford, M.S.’85 EECS

Chief security officer
Synopsys, Inc

Barbara Humpton

Barbara Humpton

President & CEO
Siemens, USA

Kristin Johnsen, B.S.'88 IEOR

Corporate VP
Microsoft Services

James Lau

James Lau, B.A.’81 CS & Applied Math

Network Appliance, Inc.

Ann Lee-Karlon

Ann Lee-Karlon, B.S.’89 BioE

SVP, Portfolio Management & Operations
Genentech, Inc.

Mark Liu

Mark Liu, M.S.’81 Ph.D.’83 EECS

Chairman, TSMC

Jeffrey Massimilla

Jeffrey Massimilla

Vice President, Global Cybersecurity
General Motors

Sanjay Mehrotra

Sanjay Mehrotra, B.S.’78, M.S.’80 EECS

President & CEO
Micron Technology, Inc.

Kim K. Polese

Kim K. Polese, B.S.’84 Biophysics


In Sik Rhee

In Sik Rhee, B.S.’93 EECS

General partner
Vertex Ventures

Sandra L. Rivera

EVP & Chief People Officer
Intel Corp.

Clyde Rodriguez, B.S.‘95 EECS

CTO, Cloud & Advanced Technology
Bank of America; Founder, Eleva Mobility

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt, M.S.’79, Ph.D.’82 EECS

Former CEO, Google, Inc.
Former board member, Alphabet

Harry Shum

Harry Shum

Advisor, MSRA (Microsoft Research Asia)

Thomas Siebel

Thomas Siebel

Founder, chairman and CEO
C3 IoT

Darlene Solomon

Darlene Solomon

Agilent Technologies

Roger Strauch

Roger Strauch

Chairman and co-founder
Roda Group

Sehat Sutardja

Sehat Sutardja, M.S.’85, Ph.D.’88 EECS

Marvell Semiconductor

Lib-Bu Tan

Lip-Bu Tan

Chairman, Walden International
Founding Managing Partner, WRVI Capital
President and CEO, Cadence Design Systems

Kirsi K. Tikka

Kirsi K. Tikka, M.S.’84, Ph.D.’89 Naval Architecture

EVP, Global Marine (retired)
ABS Europe Division

Robert Tjian

Robert Tjian, B.S.’71 Biochemistry

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, B.S.’86 EECS

Apple Computer

Weijie Yun, M.S.’89, Ph.D.’92 EECS

Founder & Managing Partner
Tyche Partners