Tutoring schedule

Below are the class tutoring schedules for the current semester at Berkeley Engineering. Tutoring is located in 227 Bechtel Engineering Center.

Chemistry 1A General Chemistry

Chemistry 1B General Chemistry

CS 61A Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

CS 61B Data Structures

CS 61C Machine Structures

CS 70 Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory

E7 Intro to Programming Matlab

E 25 Visualization for Design

EE 16A Designing Information Devices and Systems I

Math 1A Calculus

Math 1B Calculus

Math 53 Multivariable Calculus

Math 54 Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

ME 40 Thermodynamics

ME 104 Engineering Mechanics II

ME C85/CE C30 Introduction to Solid Mechanics

Physics 7A Physics for Scientists and Engineers

Physics 7B Physics for Scientists and Engineers