Melissa Perez

I'm a Berkeley EngineerClass of 2020
Civil and environmental engineering

When did you know that you wanted to become an engineer? I knew I wanted to become an engineer my sophomore year in high school. Seeing engineers come present their work at my school intrigued and inspired me to one day become like them because their work helped members from different communities.

Why did you choose Berkeley Engineering? I chose Berkeley Engineering for many reasons. The main reason was because of all the programs it has to offer. Through programs like PREP and LeaderShape, I was able to find a supporting community, network, and better my leadership skills.

What do you like most about Berkeley Engineering? I like the supportive community I found in Berkeley Engineering. I can relate with other engineering students in a variety of ways such as sharing a similar passion, or taking courses together.

Melissa PerezMelissa Perez (photo by Laura Vogt)What are you passionate about? I am passionate about finding sustainable and affordable solutions to problems we face in the world today. Some examples are food, shelter, and water security in impoverished places, transportation systems in rural areas and global warming.

Who has been your most influential role model? My most influential role model has been my mother. Her perseverance and kindness have shaped my core values and have influenced my passion. I know Berkeley Engineering can guide me towards seeing my passion come to life, which is why I am here.

What are your future plans? In the future I want to give back to low-income communities and help promote higher education.