Purpose of the Emergency Action Plan

Bechtel Engineering Center Emergency Plan

A Building Emergency Plan (BEP) is required for each occupied UC Berkeley building. The plan is considered part of every building’s basic health and safety  responsibility. BEP’s contain information for a variety of emergency situations, including medical emergencies, power outages, hazardous material spills, fires, bomb threats, civil disturbances, and earthquakes.

It is important for staff to read and understand their work site(s)’s BEP before an emergency occurs. Managers should share safety information with faculty, staff, and students, brief all new personnel as they join the department, and keep copies of the BEP in accessible locations. The BEP must be made available to all occupants upon request. Building Coordinators (BC) are responsible for the annual BEP review and update.

Buildings covered

Building Name Address Line 1 Address Line 2 Building Coordinator Alternate Bldg Coordinator Comment

Specific work area covered by this plan

Work Area Covered By This Plan Additional Description of Work Area Location Tag Other Location Tag Animal Facilities In This Work Area?
Bechtel Engineering Center Houses the Kresge Engineering Library, Sibley Auditorium, and student and interdisciplinary studies offices Core Campus EMA 1 - North Gate No