About Berkeley Engineering

Innovation and impact

Berkeley EngineeringPhoto by Matt BeardsleyThere are many reasons why Berkeley Engineering is ranked among the top three engineering schools in the world: Because we offer a dynamic, interdisciplinary, hands-on education. Because we challenge conventional thinking and value creativity and imagination. And because our students and faculty are driven by social commitment and want to change the world. In the classroom, the research lab or the design studio, our community is both welcoming and tightly knit. Whether they’re pursuing groundbreaking research or teaching students, our faculty members are engaged and accessible. We’re a village of entrepreneurs and collaborators within the big city of a renowned public university. At Berkeley Engineering, we’re making a world of difference.

A tradition of innovation

Berkeley engineers brought water to California’s vast agricultural industry and helped to build the previously unbuildable with structures like the Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. We pioneered the microelectronics that seeded Silicon Valley and the information technology that created the Internet. Today, Berkeley engineers remain at the nexus of innovation worldwide.

Our mission

  • To prepare our students for careers of leadership and innovation in engineering and related fields.
  • To deepen and broaden current knowledge through original research and to serve society with technology and science.
  • To benefit the public through service to industry, government and the engineering professions.

Our vision

We aim to educate and inspire leaders for the global economy who can marshal strong entrepreneurial and management skills to match technological expertise. We believe the best new technologies can be brought to bear on improving living conditions around the world. Never before have there been so many opportunities for technological and scientific innovations to make such a significant impact on health, sustainability, poverty and other global challenges.

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