Daniel LimDaniel Lim (Photo by Noah Berger)We received a number of emails and messages following the fall issue of Berkeley Engineer, particularly about the Sophie’s super hand story. A few people, who have hand differences like Sophie’s, contacted us asking to get involved with the project. One of the featured researchers, Daniel Lim, invited these readers to participate in the ongoing research.

“I too was born with nubbin fingers on my right hand, 75 years ago. Throughout my life, I have been able to do most activities done by people without this limitation. My career was in the computer field, and I have a deep interest in 3-D printing technology; before reading about Sophie’s super hand I wondered if I could ever make myself a 3-D printed prosthetic. I would love to work on making such a prosthetic and engage my young grandsons in this project.”
Herold Martinez, via email

“A great story and great engineering effort!”
Brian Choi, via YouTube

“I make hands like this for e-NABLE [] — very rewarding work.”
Jason Benson, via Facebook

“A left-handed super hand...WOW! Getting a grip and moving forward.”
Charles Koenig, via Facebook

“Fantastic! Thank goodness for brilliant scientists like these!”
Belinda Milford, via Facebook

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