Devices & inventions

Video of robot surgery training

Robot see, robot do, AI-style

06/17/20 Engadget — Berkeley Engineering researchers, in collaboration with an Intel team, have taught a surgical robot to suture by showing it surgical videos of actual doctors.
Three poses of BRETT robot

Learning to learn

04/14/20 — Researchers are using deep reinforcement learning techniques to equip robots with cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities.
Liwei Lin testing wearable sensor actuator

In touch with reality

04/14/20 — A new flexible, wearable device that can sense motion and give haptic feedback has applications for AR/VR technologies.
Yuhong Cao with nanoEP filter

Keeping edited cells healthy

10/25/19 — Researchers have developed a better technique to deliver macromolecules into cells, using inexpensive lab equipment.
Illustration detail of human cisculatory system

Mass-producing biomaterials

10/25/19 — A new 3D printing technique may allow whole organs, living tissue, bone and blood vessels to be printed on demand.

Roach-inspired robot

10/25/19 — Engineers have created an insect-sized robot that can move as fast as a cockroach and withstand the weight of the average human.
Illustration of ribbons and helix patterns

New frontiers in gene editing

10/25/19 — Berkeley bioengineers are developing new techniques and tools to advance CRISPR-Cas9 applications, which could have implications for nearly every genetic disease.
sensor on forehead

Wearable sensors detect what’s in your sweat

08/16/19 — A team of Berkeley engineers is developing wearable skin sensors that can detect what's in sweat, potentially supplanting invasive procedures like blood draws and providing real-time updates on health conditions.