Chevron and Berkeley Engineering officials with a large symbolic support check

Partnership levels

There are three partnership levels depending on the value and breadth of engagement. The lowest level is for recruiting only and each level grows with the depth of engagement, i.e. funding minimum in the departments, with diversity programs, and with Dean's initiatives.


Affiliate engagement focuses on recruiting and includes access to a list of student CVs and a facilitated Info Session.  Affiliates focus on one or more of the following departments: BioEngineering, Industrial Engineering and Operations Ressearch, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Nuclear Engineering.

For departments that manage their recruiting activities independently, please see Civil and Environmental Engineering's  American Society of Civil Engineers page, and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences' Corporate Access Program.


  • At recruiting events only


Associate engagement includes support of Berkeley Engineering diversity programs and recruiting with two departments (or two events hosted by one department), a department CV book and gifts to diversity programs in Engineering Student Services or departments across the college.



Partner engagement includes philanthropic support of Berkeley Engineering diversity programs and recruiting activities (info sessions or other events) with three departments (or three events with up to three departments), and funded support of one or more undergraduate capstone projects.


  • At recruiting and diversity program events
  • Discount rates on open-enrollment executive education programs
  • Invitation to exclusive campus and Silicon Valley and Bay Area College of Engineering events.