Materials science and engineering professor Junqiao Wu, photographed with a thermographic camera in Hearst Memorial Mining Building

The transformer

11/05/20 — Professor Junqiao Wu is developing next-gen technologies with vanadium dioxide, a compound that can change from an insulator to a metal.

The way it moves

11/05/20 — Bioengineers have determined how tumor cells adhere to and move through brain tissue.

It’s all in the toes

11/05/20 — A study has determined exactly how geckos’ flexible, hairy toes allow them to navigate shifting weight and slippery surfaces.

In the beginning

11/05/20 — Researchers have designed a microfluidic chip that gives scientists a look at the first stages of fertilization and early development.
3D model of ferroelectric material

Small wonder

11/05/20 — In a breakthrough in the field of ferroelectricity, researchers have made an ultrathin material that powers the smallest of devices with lower amounts of energy.

Young again

11/05/20 — Diluting the blood plasma of older mice has rejuvenating effects on the body, bioengineering researchers have learned.

Game-changing metalens

11/05/20 — An ultrathin, flat optical metalens could lead to new advances in solar energy, virtual reality and medical imaging.
UC Berkeley workers remove a wastewater autosampler from a sewer drain

Tracking COVID-19 in our sewers

10/29/20 — Berkeley civil engineers have developed a rapid, low-cost and effective method to test for the presence of the coronavirus in wastewater flowing through municipal sewer systems