3D model of ferroelectric material

Small wonder

11/05/20 — In a breakthrough in the field of ferroelectricity, researchers have made an ultrathin material that powers the smallest of devices with lower amounts of energy.

Game-changing metalens

11/05/20 — An ultrathin, flat optical metalens could lead to new advances in solar energy, virtual reality and medical imaging.
Network of power lines at sunset

Why the U.S. leads in power outages

08/19/20 Popular Science — Our grid is outdated, run down and vulnerable to climate change, says Berkeley electrical engineer Alexandra von Meier; microgrids are one potential solution
Four decades of WiCSE presidents at a reunion meeting

‘A network of our own’

07/21/20 — In celebration of 150 Years of Women at Berkeley, Sheila Humphreys tells the story of Women in Computer Science and Engineering, a student organization launched in the 1970s.
Video of robot surgery training

Robot see, robot do, AI-style

06/17/20 Engadget — Berkeley Engineering researchers, in collaboration with an Intel team, have taught a surgical robot to suture by showing it surgical videos of actual doctors.
Margo Seltzer, Keith Bostic and Mike Olson

BerkeleyDB wins 2020 SIGMOD Systems Award

06/15/20 — The creators of BerkeleyDB have won the 2020 Association for Computing Machinery SIGMOD Systems Award for their "seminal work" on the revolutionary software library.