Network of power lines at sunset

Why the U.S. leads in power outages

08/19/20 Popular Science — Our grid is outdated, run down and vulnerable to climate change, says Berkeley electrical engineer Alexandra von Meier; microgrids are one potential solution
Four decades of WiCSE presidents at a reunion meeting

‘A network of our own’

07/21/20 — In celebration of 150 Years of Women at Berkeley, Sheila Humphreys tells the story of Women in Computer Science and Engineering, a student organization launched in the 1970s.
Video of robot surgery training

Robot see, robot do, AI-style

06/17/20 Engadget — Berkeley Engineering researchers, in collaboration with an Intel team, have taught a surgical robot to suture by showing it surgical videos of actual doctors.
Margo Seltzer, Keith Bostic and Mike Olson

BerkeleyDB wins 2020 SIGMOD Systems Award

06/15/20 — The creators of BerkeleyDB have won the 2020 Association for Computing Machinery SIGMOD Systems Award for their "seminal work" on the revolutionary software library.
Photo illustration of student with smartphone and computer code

Reinventing cybersecurity

04/14/20 — Researchers are advancing blockchain and encryption methods to protect personal data and make sharing it more secure.
Three poses of BRETT robot

Learning to learn

04/14/20 — Researchers are using deep reinforcement learning techniques to equip robots with cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities.
Brain with hemorrhages highlightedscans

Good for the image

04/14/20 — Using a type of deep learning known as a fully convolutional neural network, a new computer algorithm can recognize abnormal CT scans.