The fast track to being a CEO-Engineer

Business and engineering degrees

3/8/2019 Bloomberg Businessweek - Interest in combined programs that allow students to earn a degree in both engineering and business — like Berkeley’s Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology (MET) program — is increasing among students and prospective employers.

Berkeley launches accelerator to support blockchain startups

1/29/2019 - UC Berkeley is launching a new blockchain-focused accelerator. The Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator will help entrepreneurs pursue ventures in the blockchain space, tap into the vast resources of the campus and Silicon Valley, and receive expert industry guidance to create high-value blockchain startups.

'I don't really want to work at Facebook'

A tableful of students take part in the Cal Hacks hackathon

11/15/2018 New York Times - A visit to Cal Hacks finds that for many young engineers, including Berkeley computer science students, the stigma of working for Facebook is beginning to outweigh the financial and other benefits.

Accelerating Berkeley startups at SkyDeck

Exterior of Skydeck offices in downtown Berkeley

6/11/2018 TechCrunch - TechCrunch profiles SkyDeck, the UC Berkeley tech incubator that has developed an acceleration program to launch a series of successful startups, including Chirpo, LimeBike and Kiwi.

Chirp Microsystems acquired

Chirp Microsystems

3/23/2018 - Chirp Microsystems, a startup enabled with technology developed at UC Davis and UC Berkeley, has been acquired by Japanese electronics giant TDK Corporation. Based in Berkeley, Chirp Microsystems makes tiny, ultra-low power sensors that function like sonar or echolocation. The micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology enables extremely precise sensing and has applications in drones, robots, vehicles, smart home products, augmented reality and virtual reality systems.