ESS turns 10, Bechtel becomes a welcome center

Ribbon cutting

10/7/2019 - The heart of Berkeley Engineering for students is expanding. On the 10th anniversary of Engineering Student Services, the Bechtel Engineering Center will also become the site of Berkeley Engineering's Welcome Center, a place where visitors and prospective students can come to learn about everything the college has to offer.

Berkeley receives grant to grow public interest technology

Jennifer Marigold

10/7/2019 - UC Berkeley received a $180,000 grant from the Public Interest Technology University Network to develop an innovative curriculum that encourages students to work across disciplines and understand the ethical, political and societal implications of technology.

A single dose for good measure

Rebecca Abergel

9/13/2019 Berkeley Lab - Nuclear engineering professor Rebecca Abergel and her colleagues at Berkeley Lab have developed a new pill to treat radiation poisoning. The pill could also double as an anti-gadolinium-toxicity pill for MRI patients injected with a commonly-used contrast dye.

Autonomous vehicles: The answer to our traffic woes


8/28/2019 Wired - Berkeley Engineering's Alexandre Bayen and Liao-Cho are studying the impact that autonomous vehicles can have on traffic flow. And, their findings suggest that self-driving cars can help alleviate traffic.

Jerome R. Singer, MRI pioneer, dies at 97

Jerome Singer

8/6/2019 - Jerome R. Singer, professor emeritus and a pioneer in the field of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), passed away in July. Singer taught and conducted research in the electrical engineering and computer sciences and the biophysics departments at Berkeley for 25 years.