Berkeley engineers among new faculty elected to AAAS

Eric Brewer and James Demmel

4/18/2018 - Berkeley Engineering faculty members Eric Brewer and James Demmel are among nine UC Berkeley researchers elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a society founded in 1780 to honor exceptional scholars, scientists, artists and innovators from around the world.

New technology could wean battery world off cobalt

Gerbrand Ceder

4/11/2018 - A research team led by Gerbrand Ceder, professor of materials science and engineering, has devised a way to build lithium battery cathodes using materials that have greater capacity, and a far lower price, than the traditional cobalt.

Tiny nerve stimulator gains sophistication

Tiny StimDust device shown atop a dime, and schematic drawing detaililng its components

4/10/2018 - Berkeley engineers, led by EECS professors Rikky Muller and Michel Maharbiz, have taken implanted neural dust sensors forward by building the smallest, most efficient wireless nerve stimulator ever.

Patterson wins Turing Award

David Patterson

3/21/2018 - Berkeley computing pioneer David Patterson has won the A.M. Turing Award, considered the Nobel prize of computing, for his work on reduced instruction set computer microprocessors. The award, announced Wednesday by the Association for Computing Machinery, comes with a $1 million prize, which Patterson will share with co-winner John Hennessy.

John DeNero honored for distinguished teaching

John DeNero

3/19/2018 - EECS professor John DeNero has been named a winner of Berkeley's Distinguished Teaching Award, one of the university’s highest honors. DeNero uses technology and teaching assistants to scale popular computer and data science courses without losing academic rigor. His work was recently featured in Berkeley Engineer magazine.

2 young EECS faculty among new Sloan Research Fellows

Anca Dragan and Raluca Ada Popa

2/15/2018 - EECS assistant professors Anca Dragan and Raluca Ada Popa are among six young Berkeley faculty members named as 2018 Sloan Research Fellows. The selections “honor early-career scholars whose achievements mark them as among the very best scientific minds working today.”

Cheap, efficient cookstoves are small-tech solution with big payoff

Thumbnail of video: Getting the Smoke Out of Our Eyes: Ashok Gadgil

2/13/2018 - Ashok Gadgil, professor of civil and environmental engineering, redesigned a simple technology — the wood cookstove — to help women in refugee camps in Darfur, Sudan. The inexpensive and efficient Darfur stove not only reduced the danger of gathering firewood in the war-torn region, it also reduced health and climate risks from excessive smoke.

Stephen Mahin, earthquake engineering expert, dies at 71

Stephen Mahin

2/13/2018 PEER - Civil and environmental engineering professor emeritus Stephen A. Mahin, former director of PEER, passed away on February 9. He was a world-renowned expert in earthquake engineering, with wide-ranging teaching, research and professional contributions to the field.