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  • Vacuum chamber used to test heat transfer
    Heat energy leaps through empty space, thanks to quantum weirdness

    12/11/2019 - In a surprising new study, Berkeley researchers led by Xiang Zhang, professor of mechanical engineering, showed that heat energy can travel through a complete vacuum thanks to invisible quantum fluctuations, a discovery that could have profound implications for the design of computer chips.

  • Female students viewing a laptop screen as part of CS KickStart
    Diversity initiatives help change the face of computer science

    12/9/2019 - Berkeley’s population of burgeoning computer scientists has recently grown a lot more diverse, thanks in part to a series of programs that were launched to support women and underrepresented minorities in computer science.

  • IEEE Mefdal of Honor winner Chenming Hu
    Chenming Hu awarded IEEE Medal of Honor

    12/6/2019 IEEE - The EECS professor emeritus was recognized for his distinguished work with semiconductor models, particularly 3-D device structures.

  • Mineral-coated sand
    Sustainable sand gives pollution a one-two punch

    12/5/2019 - UC Berkeley engineers have developed a mineral-coated sand that can soak up toxic metals like lead and cadmium from water.

  • Jupiter
    Jupiter's Great Red Spot not dying

    12/3/2019 NBC News - After studying the behavior of Jupiter's famous Great Red Spot with computer simulations, Berkeley researchers led by mechanical engineering professor Philip Marcus say there is no evidence that the giant storm is dying, despite observations over the past decade suggesting it is shrinking.

  • Blue robot with flowers in a vase.
    AI-powered Berkeley robot among Popular Science’s ‘Best of What’s New'

    12/3/2019 - Berkeley's Blue robot named among Popular Science's 100 great innovations for 2019.

  • Rebecca Abergel and David Schaffer
    Abergel, Schaffer named to AAAS

    11/26/2019 - Rebecca Abergel, assistant professor of nuclear engineering, and David Schaffer, professor of bioengineering and of chemical and biomolecular engineering, are among five Berkeley faculty members named new fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

  • Students share project demos during the CS KickStart program for incoming students interested in computer science
    Hopper-Dean Foundation gift of $2M bolsters EECS diversity initiatives

    11/20/2019 - The Hopper-Dean Foundation has awarded $2 million over two years to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences in support of diversity initiatives in computer science.

  • Dawn Song in her office
    Building a world where data privacy exists

    11/18/2019 New York Times - Electrical engineering and computer sciences professor Dawn Song, a leading expert in computer security and trustworthy artificial intelligence, is building a platform in which people control their own data online and are compensated for its use by corporations.

  • Weill Neurohub to fuel race for new brain disease treatments

    11/14/2019 Berkeley News - The newly launched Weill Neurohub, supported with a $106 million gift from the Weill Family Foundation, will bring together researchers in engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry and mathematics to speed the development of new therapies for brain and neural diseases.


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