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  • Two brain scans: One as normally seen by a radiologist, and one with hemorrhaging areas highlighted by AI technology
    With AI, machines become expert at reading brain scans

    10/22/2019 - A computer algorithm developed by scientists at UCSF and UC Berkeley bested two out of four expert radiologists at finding tiny brain hemorrhages in head scans — an advance that one day may help doctors treat patients with traumatic brain injuries, strokes and aneurysms.

  • Piranha
    Piranha-proof fish scales offer inspiration for armor

    10/17/2019 UCSD - UC Berkeley and UC San Diego material scientists have discovered the secret to Arapaima gigas's impermeable armor. The scales on this Amazonian freshwater fish could serve as inspiration for stronger, lightweight and flexible synthetic armors.

  • SF Buildings
    Towers in earthquake country — designers say the new ones are safe to their core

    10/15/2019 San Francisco Chronicle - Jack Moehle, UC Berkeley professor of structural engineering, comments on the safety of towers that have transformed San Francisco’s skyline over the past decade.

  • solar panel installation
    Our energy grid is vulnerable. Locally sourced power may be the answer.

    10/11/2019 - EECS adjunct professor Alexandra “Sascha” von Meier talks about the risks posed by the current energy grid and possible solutions moving forward.

  • Andy Packard
    Andy Packard, professor, pioneer in robust control systems, dies at age 56

    10/7/2019 - Professor Andrew (Andy) K. Packard, professor of mechanical engineering and a pioneer in robust control theory who holds the FANUC Chair of Mechanical Systems, passed away at age 59 on September 30, 2019 after a long battle with cancer.

  • Jennifer Marigold
    Berkeley receives grant to grow public interest technology

    10/7/2019 - UC Berkeley received a $180,000 grant from the Public Interest Technology University Network to develop an innovative curriculum that encourages students to work across disciplines and understand the ethical, political and societal implications of technology.

  • Ribbon cutting
    ESS turns 10, Bechtel becomes a welcome center

    10/7/2019 - The heart of Berkeley Engineering for students is expanding. On the 10th anniversary of Engineering Student Services, the Bechtel Engineering Center will also become the site of Berkeley Engineering's Welcome Center, a place where visitors and prospective students can come to learn about everything the college has to offer.

  • water fountain
    Berkeley researchers help secure water future

    9/27/2019 - The National Alliance for Water Innovation , which includes researchers from Berkeley Engineering, has been awarded a five-year, $100 million Energy-Water Desalination Hub by the U.S. Department of Energy to address water security issues in the United States.

  • Eight Berkeley engineers honored as Siebel Scholars

    9/25/2019 - Eight Berkeley Engineering graduate students — five from bioengineering, two from computer science and one from energy science — have been named to the Siebel Scholars Foundation’s 2020 class.

  • DEI Collection at Kresge Library
    Kresge Engineering Library unveils a new diversity and inclusion collection

    9/24/2019 - Today, Berkeley Engineering unveiled a new diversity, equity and inclusion resource collection at the Kresge Engineering Library. The collection consists of physical books as well as electronic books and other electronic resources.


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