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  • Masters degree candidates at Commencement
    Now and forever Berkeley Engineers

    5/16/2018 - The 2018 Berkeley Engineering Commencement ceremonies were filled with celebration and words of inspiration.

  • Illustration of person reading a book with digital assistant in foreground
    Alexa and Siri can hear this hidden command. You can't

    5/10/2018 New York Times - EECS Ph.D. candidate Nicholas Carlini and other Berkele cybersecurity researchers have been embedding commands into music and spoken text that human listeners can't hear but smart devices can. Carlini hopes to secure AI systems against attacks that he assumes "malicious people" are already working on.

  • Waze navigation app on a cellphone
    Why some cities have had enough of Waze

    5/7/2018 US News & World Report - Start-up-turned-tech-giant Waze solves traffic problems for some users, but creates challenges for others by overwhelming local streets. "There's nothing inherently wrong with routing apps, but the problem is overuse," says Alexandre Bayen, director of Berkeley's Institute of Transportation Studies.

  • Small drone flying in a lab
    How to interact with robots

    5/4/2018 Wired - EECS professor Anca Dragan discusses one of the big challenges in her field of human-robot interaction: getting robots to anticipate human behavior. “It's not enough to know what people are currently doing. They need to know what's going to happen in the future.”

  • Joseph Charbonnet and his Grad Slam presentation
    Berkeley water engineer lands 2018 'Slammy'

    5/4/2018 Graduate Division - At the UC-wide Grad Slam competition on May 3, environmental engineering doctoral student Joseph Charbonnet brought home the first-place ‘Slammy’ — and $9,000 in prize money — for his three-minute talk on using manganese-coated sand to capture, clean, and re-use stormwater.

  • Umesh Vazirani
    Vazirani elected to National Academy of Sciences

    5/1/2018 - Umesh Vazirani, the Roger A. Strauch Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, is one of five Berkeley faculty members newly named to the National Academy of Sciences.

  • Thumbnail of video: High Altitude Balloon Launch I
    The HAB project: A platform for space research

    4/30/2018 - The student group Space Technologies at Cal is developing a balloon-based platform for near-space research. They recently launched a high altitude balloon from Memorial Glade.

  • Five babies of different races in a row
    When geneticists talk sloppily about race

    4/30/2018 The Atlantic - Bioengineering professor Ian Holmes writes about how a geneticist’s recent op-ed in The New York Times caused controversy when it used sloppy language to talk about the tricky relationship between race and genetics research.

  • Archer team members Anjali Banerjee, Tyler Heintz and Alice Ma at Caffe Strada
    Scarred by attack, student entrepreneurs fight global terror

    4/30/2018 - In the wake of the 2016 terrorist attack in Nice, France, that claimed the life of a classmate, Berkeley students in the European Innovation Academy technology entrepreneurship program have embarked on a new mission — fighting global terrorism through startups that are gaining traction far beyond campus.

  • Michael Jordan
    AI: The revolution hasn’t happened yet

    4/25/2018 Medium - EECS and statistics professor Michael Jordan writes about the opportunity and imperative of developing a "human-centric engineering discipline" to address the ethical concerns of artificial intelligence.


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