Photo illustration of student with smartphone and computer code

Reinventing cybersecurity

04/14/20 — Researchers are advancing blockchain and encryption methods to protect personal data and make sharing it more secure.
Three poses of BRETT robot

Learning to learn

04/14/20 — Researchers are using deep reinforcement learning techniques to equip robots with cutting-edge artificial intelligence capabilities.
Water running into a street drain

Super sand

04/14/20 — Engineers have developed a mineral-coated sand that can soak up toxic metals from water, cleaning up stormwater as it replenishes aquifers.

Hey Jupiter

04/14/20 — New research refutes reports that Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is dying.
Illustration of synthetic protein

Grand designs

04/14/20 — Researchers have created a synthetic material that is as effective as naturally occurring proteins in transporting molecules through membranes.
Amazonian freshwater fish, Arapaima gigas

Tough as scales

04/14/20 — A study has determined exactly what makes the scales of the Amazonian freshwater fish, Arapaima gigas, so tough.
Rebecca Abergel in her lab holding a pill

Double duty

04/14/20 — A pill developed to treat radiation poisoning may also be effective in protecting MRI patients from the potentially toxic effects of gadolinium.

New & noteworthy

04/14/20 — Updates about Berkeley Engineering alumni, faculty and students.


04/14/20 — Obituaries for Berkeley Engineering alumni, faculty and students.
Kimberly Ferry in the lab

Transferring excellence

04/14/20 — A summer program for prospective transfers gives California community college students the opportunity to work with UC Berkeley researchers.
Liwei Lin testing wearable sensor actuator

In touch with reality

04/14/20 — A new flexible, wearable device that can sense motion and give haptic feedback has applications for AR/VR technologies.
Bats feeding on tree flowers

In sync

04/14/20 — Bats have synchronized brain activity when engaging in social behaviors, such as grooming, fighting or sniffing each other, according to a new study.