November 1, 2013
This article appeared in Berkeley Engineer magazine, Fall 2013

Friends, followers and readers: Thanks for your comments. Here is a recent sampling.

RE: “Design: The new toolkit for teaching engineering,” Innovations, September 2013
Great offering. I only hope that the design experience includes interaction with those who fund or will benefit from the design—no design is complete until it receives public interaction and input. The collaborative approach must include those with no knowledge of engineering but with an interest in the design, and that interaction must involve communication and human interaction skills. I hope it becomes a full-fledged part of the undergraduate engineering program.
—Marty Van Zandt, via Innovations

RE: “$20 million gift launches design institute,” Innovations, June 2013
This is great: Berkeley has always been one of the great universities by going beyond the “book” stage and into the practical aspects of design and development. Congratulations on the new group.
—Brian P. Boesch, via Innovations

Re: “Tube rider’s view of campus,” Berkeley Engineer, spring 2013
The attractive but goofy cover on your spring issue is bound to confuse the new chancellor should he attempt to come to the college for a visit. Most all of us learned in fourth grade, or earlier, that north is always at the top of the map unless otherwise indicated. Should Mr. Dirks attempt to find you, he will likely end up somewhere in the vicinity of Wildcat Canyon. Was this intentional?
—Steve Schneider, (M.B.A.’57 Haas), via e-mail

Re: “Tube rider’s view of campus,” Berkeley Engineer, spring 2013
I love the cover of the spring 2013 magazine. Do you know if Dan Howard has published the map in a poster for sale? And if so, can you tell me who to contact to get a copy?
—Steve Kinaman, (B.S.’84, M.S.’85 ME), via e-mail

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