May 1, 2013
This article appeared in Berkeley Engineer magazine, Spring 2013

Friends, followers and readers: Thanks for your comments. Here is a recent sampling.

Re: Berkeley Engineer, fall 2012, “Innovation by design”
Your recent Dean’s Word article on “Innovation by design” describes an essential element of a well-rounded engineering education. Several design classes should be a required part of the curriculum.

When I graduated with an EE degree in 1961, I had not had training in design or real world engineering. Fortunately, the excellent education I received provided the background necessary to tackle engineering challenges.

Design courses, integrated with specific engineering subjects, will equip graduates to tackle real world problems.
—Stan Trost, B.S.’61 EE, via e-mail

Re: Dean’s Note, March 2013 Innovations
“Engineers are problem solvers. For every problem there is a solution. Solutions may not be readily apparent or easily attained, but never say no. Keep on trying.”
—Martin Wallen, B.S.’47 CE, via e-mail

Re: Berkeley Engineer, fall 2012, “A new loo”
The newest loo comes from @Cal_Engineer. If I hadn’t turned to tabla, I might have been working on this.
—heenatabla, via Twitter

Re: post on the White House’s “Stay With It” campaign
“Very happy to see this news about the unprecedented collaboration focused on the retention and graduation rates for engineering students in the U.S. Based on personal experience, I can tell you that obtaining a degree from UC Berkeley in a non-technical major is much less demanding than obtaining a degree in a technical major like engineering. Whatever the faculty and administration can do to support and retain these incredibly gifted students, who overcome the extremely difficult odds of even being admitted to the College of Engineering, will be greatly appreciated by the students, their parents and society in general.”
—Lynne B., via Facebook