Bats feeding on tree flowers

In sync

04/14/20 — Bats have synchronized brain activity when engaging in social behaviors, such as grooming, fighting or sniffing each other, according to a new study.
Rebecca Abergel and David Schaffer

Abergel, Schaffer named to AAAS

11/26/19 — Rebecca Abergel, assistant professor of nuclear engineering, and David Schaffer, professor of bioengineering and of chemical and biomolecular engineering, are among five Berkeley faculty members named new fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Aaron Streets

Streets named Pew Scholar

10/25/19 — Professor Aaron Streets is joining the 2019 Pew Scholars Program in Biomedical Sciences.
Yuhong Cao with nanoEP filter

Keeping edited cells healthy

10/25/19 — Researchers have developed a better technique to deliver macromolecules into cells, using inexpensive lab equipment.
Illustration of ribbons and helix patterns

New frontiers in gene editing

10/25/19 — Berkeley bioengineers are developing new techniques and tools to advance CRISPR-Cas9 applications, which could have implications for nearly every genetic disease.
Headshots of Berkeley Siebel Scholars

Eight Berkeley engineers honored as Siebel Scholars

09/25/19 — Eight Berkeley Engineering graduate students - five from bioengineering, two from computer science and one from energy science - have been named to the Siebel Scholars Foundation's 2020 class.
Engineering students pose with Oski

Berkeley Engineering is #3 in U.S. News rankings

09/09/19 U.S. News & World Report — Berkeley Engineering's undergraduate program was again ranked third overall and the top public engineering school by U.S. News & World Report. Eight individual engineering programs were ranked among the top 5 in their respective fields, and all were in the top 10.