Christine Ho: Printing batteries

Christine Ho with Brooks Kincaid

Christine Ho meets with Imprint Energy co-founder Brooks Kincaid. (Photo by Noah Berger)

Christine Ho (B.S.’05, M.S.’07, Ph.D.’10 MSE) knows better than most how powerful a partnership can be. As a graduate student, she recognized that battery performance was constraining the design and application of portable electronic devices. So she invented a new battery chemistry and a print-based manufacturing process to simultaneously fabricate and place microscopic batteries onto wireless sensors just one centimeter square. In addition to powering the tiniest smart devices, this technology will potentially enhance a range of energy applications, including medical devices, wearables and always-connected Internet of Things gadgets.

In 2010, Ho partnered with a former high school classmate, Brooks Kincaid (M.B.A. ’11), to spin out the technology; the duo officially launched Imprint Energy in 2011. Today, Imprint Energy is revolutionizing battery technology from its Alameda facility, where employees manufacture and distribute products utilizing its trademarked zinc-based rechargeable battery technology called ZincPoly.

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