Rebecca Abergel

A single dose for good measure

09/13/19 Berkeley Lab — Nuclear engineering professor Rebecca Abergel and her colleagues at Berkeley Lab have developed a new pill to treat radiation poisoning. The pill could also double as an anti-gadolinium-toxicity pill for MRI patients injected with a commonly-used contrast dye.
sensor on forehead

Wearable sensors detect what’s in your sweat

08/16/19 — A team of Berkeley engineers is developing wearable skin sensors that can detect what's in sweat, potentially supplanting invasive procedures like blood draws and providing real-time updates on health conditions.
Facial Manipulations in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Research and UC Berkeley: Detecting Facial Manipulations in Adobe Photoshop

06/19/19 Adobe — UC Berkeley and Adobe researchers have developed a method for detecting edits to images that were made using Photoshop's Face Aware Liquify feature. While still in its early stages, this collaboration between Adobe Research and UC Berkeley, is a step towards democratizing image forensics, the science of uncovering and analyzing changes to digital images.
Cassie Cal

Cassie Cal makes campus moves on hovershoes

06/12/19 TechXplore — A new video by the Hybrid Robotics Group shows bipedal robot Cassie Cal riding in hovershoes down a few stairs, on uneven outdoor terrain, up and down steep inclines and leaning into a turn to navigate corners.

Salto the jumping robot

05/22/19 — Topping out at less than a foot, Salto the robot looks like a "Star Wars" imperial walker in miniature. But don't be fooled by its size - this little robot has a mighty spring in its step.

Meet Blue, the low-cost, human-friendly AI robot

04/09/19 — Blue uses advances in artificial intelligence and deep reinforcement learning to master intricate human tasks, while remaining affordable and safe enough that every AI researcher - and eventually every home - could have one.
PREP student present their cornerstone project designs

Prepping students to become Berkeley engineers

04/02/19 — Every summer, about 120 incoming Berkeley Engineering students from nontraditional backgrounds arrive on campus to participate in the Pre-Engineering Program (PREP) and Transfer Pre-Engineering Program (T-PREP), which aim to prepare students for a successful academic experience.

Meet the future engineers

03/12/19 — About 350 students from across the East Bay descended on the Berkeley campus last weekend for Engineering for Kids (E4K), a one-day science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) event for low-income fourth- to sixth-grade students. The annual event is organized and hosted entirely by Berkeley students.
Professor Joyashree Roy and project team member Sreeman Mypati tasting water from ECAR plant.

This innovation removes deadly arsenic from India’s water

12/12/18 The Better India — Everyday, tens of millions of people drink water that significantly increases their risk of cancer and other deadly diseases. UC Berkeley professor Ashok Gadgil amd Asian Institute of Technology's Joyashree Roy hope to fix that with an efficient and cost-effective system called Electrochemical Arsenic Remediation (ECAR) for removing arsenic contamination from drinking water.
Sports-Tech class

Sports Tech – The future of Cal Athletics

12/07/18 Berkeley Science Review — A new collaboration between Cal Athletics and the College of Engineering, puts athletes and engineers to work developing base technologies or applications that improve athletic performance.
Tanisha Randhawa with insole prototypes

Out of the GAIT

06/02/18 — Students in the Fung Fellowship are building digital health technologies to meet the challenges of aging.

Taking the stage

02/09/18 — Drew McPherson (B.S'17 ME) recently took the stage in San Francisco to give a talk at “People That Don't Normally Lecture.” He talked about the accident he had at 19 that left him paralyzed. He also talked about what came next: a desire to design and build things that help people meet a need.
A student uses wires, soap and a handheld device to explore bending effects

Exploring digital fabrication at Jacobs Hall

01/29/18 Jacobs Institute — A reconfigurable lampshade, a novel musical instrument, an affordable tool for surgery planning: these are among the student projects that used resources in Jacobs Hall to explore digital fabrication technology during the fall 2017 semester.