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2018-2019 Joint Major Program in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and Materials Science and Engineering*
Course Fall Spring
Freshman Year
Chemistry 1A and 1AL- General Chemistry or Chemistry 4A- General Chemistry and Quantitative Analysis(1) 4
Engineering 7-Introduction to Computer Programming for Scientists & Engineers or CS 61A-Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs 4
Mathematics 1A-Calculus 4
Mathematics 1B-Calculus 4
Physics 7A-Physics for Scientists and Engineers or Physics 5A-Introductory Mechanics and Relativity(2) 3-4
Reading and Composition Course from List A(3) 4
Reading and Composition Course from List B(3) 4
Humanities/Social Science Course(3) 3-4
Total 15-16 15-16
Sophomore Year
CS 61B or 61BL-Data Structures 4
MSE 45-Properties of Materials 3
MSE 45L-Properties of Materials Laboratory 1  
EE 16A-Designing Information Devices and Systems I 4
Mathematics 53-Multivariable Calculus 4
Mathematics 54-Linear Algebra and Differential Equations 4
Physics 7B-Physics for Scientists and Engineers, or Physics 5B-Introductory Electromagnetism, Waves, and Optics and 5BL-Introduction to Experimental Physics(2) 4-5
Physics 7C-Physics for Scientists and Engineers, or Physics 5C-Introductory Thermodynamics and Quantum Mechanics and 5CL-Introduction to Experimental Physics II(2) 4-5
Humanities/Social Science Course(3) 3-4
Total 16-17 15-17
Junior Year
CS 61C or 61CL-Machine Structures or EE 16B-Designing Information Devices and Systems II 4
Engineering 40-Engineering Thermodynamics or Physics 112-Statistical and Thermal Physics 4
EE 105-Microelectronic Devices and Circuits 4
EE 126-Probability and Random Processes or Statistics 134-Concepts of Probability 3-4
MSE 102-Bonding, Crystallography, and Crystal Defects 3
MSE 103-Phase Transformations and Kinetics 3
MSE 104-Characterization of Materials 4
Physics 137A-Quantum Mechanics 4
Total 15 14-15
Senior Year
EE 117-Electromagnetic Fields and Waves 4
EE 140-Linear Integrated Circuits, EECS 151-Introduction to Digital Design and Integrated Circuits+151LA-Application Specific Integrated Circuits Laboratory(4), or EECS 151-Introduction to Digital Design and Integrated Circuits+151LB-Field-Programmable Gate Array Laboratory(4) 4-5
MSE 111-Properties of Electronic Materials or EE 130-Integrated Circuit Devices 4
MSE 130-Experimental Materials Science 3
Physics 141A-Solid State Physics 4
Technical Electives(5) 6-8
Humanities/Social Science Courses(3) 3-4 3-4
Total 18-20 13-16



1Chemistry 4A is intended for students majoring in chemistry or a closely related field.

2Students may choose to take the Physics 7 series or the Physics 5 series. Students who fulfill Physics 7A with an AP exam score, transfer work, or at Berkeley may complete the physics requirement by taking either Physics 7B and 7C, or Physics 5B/5BL and 5C/5CL. Students who take Physics 5A must take Physics 5B/5BL and 5C/5CL to complete the physics requirement. Completion of Physics 5A and Physics 7B and Physics 7C will not fulfill the physics requirement.

3The Humanities/Social Science (H/SS) requirement includes two approved reading and composition courses and four additional approved courses, with which a number of specific conditions must be satisfied. Reading and Composition A and B must be completed by no later than the end of the sophomore year. The remaining courses may be taken at any time during the program. See engineering.berkeley.edu/hss for complete details and a list of approved courses.

4EECS 151+151LA/LB may be used to fulfill only one requirement.

5Technical electives must include two courses:

  1. EE 118, 143; EECS 151+151LA(4), or EECS 151+151LB(4); and
  2. at least 3 units from the MSE 120 series.

* A minimum of 120 units is required for graduation.