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  •  Students in a cryptocurrency course at New York University
    Cryptocurrencies come to campus

    2/9/2018 New York Times - UC Berkeley is one of several institutions rushing to add courses about Bitcoin, blockchain and other elements of virtual currency to the curriculum. EECS professor Dawn Song is co-teaching one such course to a standing-room-only audience of engineering, business and law students.

  • Anca Dragan
    Teaching AI about human values

    2/8/2018 Forbes - Computer scientist and robotics engineer Anca Dragan has a cool name, an impressive CV and an important job: ensuring that our interactions with robots and other artificially intelligent agents are positive ones.

  • EECS professor Chang-Hasnain named to NAE

    2/7/2018 - EECS professor Constance Chang-Hasnain is among 83 new members elected to the National Academy of Engineering. Two alumni also were elected to the academy.

  • Grace O'Connell, Laura Wall, Avideh Zakhor
    Honors for three Berkeley Engineering faculty

    2/6/2018 - Three members of the Berkeley Engineering faculty — Grace O'Connell from mechanical engineering and Laura Waller and Avideh Zakhor from EECS — have recently received awards from scientific societies honoring their contributions to research and innovation in their fields.

  • Nikita Bier (right) being interviewed by Jeremy Fiance of the House Fund
    How to build a viral app

    2/6/2018 Sutardja Center - Telling a Newton Lecture Series audience that he got "really good at failing," Berkeley alumnus Nikita Bier recounted his difficult journey to creating TBH, a viral app that allows teenagers to anonymously compliment each other through a series of polls.

  • Slide containing cesium-doped perovskite that is transparent at room temperature but turns dark at high temperatures
    Study shows solar power potential for smart window material

    1/22/2018 - Smart windows that automatically adjust their transparency in response to light conditions could potentially generate power as well, according to a new study led by Berkeley researcher Peidong Yang, who holds a joint appointment in materials science and engineering. The new study shows that perovskite can switch back and forth between transparency and non-transparency while retaining its electronic properties.

  • Prasad Raghavendra
    NAS honors Prasad Raghavendra for computer science work

    1/17/2018 - Prasad Raghavendra, an EECS associate professor, was honored by the National Academy of Sciences for his revolutionary research in computer science, sharing the inaugural $100,000 Michael and Sheila Held Prize with David Steurer of ETH Zurich.

  • Ravi Prasher, with Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay in the background
    Batteries to provide renewable energy anytime, anywhere

    1/16/2018 - Ravi Prasher, adjunct professor of mechanical engineering, and his Berkeley colleagues are searching for new battery materials to help store renewable energy so we can use it when we need it.

  • Fisker EMotion car
    Radical new battery technology for a $130,000 electric sedan

    1/12/2018 LA Times - Solid-state automotive batteries, like those being designed for Fisker Inc.'s all-electric EMotion supercar, will eventually exist, says materials science and engineering professor Gerbrand Ceder, but “it’s not going to happen as fast as people think.”

  • High-speed rail tunnel construction site
    Trump infrastructure plan's tunneling claims raise questions

    1/5/2018 Newsweek - The Trump administration contends that underground tunnels to carry high-speed rail lines can be built without a dime of federal funding. But critics, including civil and environmental engineering professor C. William Ibbs, head of Berkeley's Construction Management program, suggest there's nothing easy about that kind of tunneling, and it will surely require government oversight.