Student research

Student researcher at lab benchPhoto by Noah BergerStudying with top-tier faculty is just the beginning. Working in their labs and studios, standing at the forefront of discovery, is where you can really put your engineering education to work. Undergraduate research gives you the experience and practical skills that will increase your options for graduate school and future employment. Check out the wide range of student research opportunities available at Berkeley Engineering. Your lab coat is waiting.


BeeHive is your clearinghouse for student research positions, design projects and other creative opportunities. It matches aspiring engineers with hands-on investigation and invention in a range of disciplines. Faculty and graduate students can post openings, while students can browse the listings to find positions and projects that match their interests and skills.

Undergraduate research at Berkeley

Learn more about research positions campuswide through the Office of Undergraduate Research and Scholarships, a center that develops programs and resources to increase collaboration between undergraduates and faculty. You can find additional information about undergraduate research through the following:

The National Science Foundation also maintains a website about research experiences for undergraduates.

Brittany Judoprasetijo

I'm a Berkeley Engineer

“Berkeley provides each of its engineers a toolbox of powerful, fundamental knowledge and skills, and trains them to overcome obstacles and challenges thrown at them.” Brittany Judoprasetijo, EECS, 2013