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  • Thumbnail of video: Jacobs Hall Opening Ceremony
    Jacobs Hall opening ceremony

    8/26/2015 - On August 20, 2015, Berkeley Engineering celebrated the opening of Jacobs Hall, the new headquarters for the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation.

  • Thermoelectric PowerCard from Alphabet Energy
    Why not convert waste heat into power?

    8/26/2015 NPR - What if there were a way to take the waste heat that spews from car tailpipes or power plant chimneys and turn it into electricity? Matt Scullin (M.S.'07, Ph.D.'09 MSE) thinks there is, and he founded Alphabet Energy to turn that idea into a reality.

  • Paul Jacobs speaks at the opening of Jacobs Hall
    Grand opening for Jacobs Hall, the new hub for all things design

    8/21/2015 - With balloons, ribbon-cutting and four floors of student demos, the College of Engineering on Thursday threw open the doors of Jacobs Hall, where the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation will immerse students in hands-on, human-centered design.

  • Flashing LEDs on drone
    'License plates' for drones could make rogue operators accountable

    8/20/2015 MIT Technology Review - Berkeley engineers from the Lightcense project are testing a kind of license plate for drones — a rectangular array of bright, multicolored LEDs attached to the underside of a craft — that they think could help make drone operators more accountable.

  • Mouse with cheese
    Engineered hot fat implants reduce weight gain in mice

    8/20/2015 - Scientists at UC Berkeley have developed a novel way to engineer the growth and expansion of energy-burning “good” fat, and then found that this fat helped reduce weight gain and lower blood glucose levels in mice. The technique could lead to new approaches to combat obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

  • Berkeley Engineering opens Jacobs Hall, a hub for design education

    8/19/2015 - On Aug. 20, a public celebration marks the opening of Jacobs Hall , with four floors of studios and makerspaces for digital design, prototyping, fabrication and manufacturing.

  • Ricky Muller
    Entrepreneur and alumna Rikky Muller named a top Innovator under 35

    8/18/2015 Berkeley Research - Rikky Muller (Ph.D.'13 EECS), co-founder of the medical device start-up Cortera Neurotechnologies, has been named one of 35 Innovators Under 35 by the MIT Technology Review. Muller's research into hardware that buzzes the brain at the right moments could help treat debilitating mental disorders.

  • Margret Schmidt with Tivo's Emmys
    Get this show on the code

    8/17/2015 Insight@Berkeley - As vice president of design and engineering at TiVo, Margret Schmidt (B.S.’92 EECS) is passionate about the dynamic and fulfilling nature of product creation. She got a dose of that in her favorite Berkeley class, an E110 Venture Design course that required creation of a business plan and a final idea presentation.

  • David Dornfeld
    David Dornfeld, green manufacturing expert, to lead Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation

    8/17/2015 - David Dornfeld, chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UC Berkeley and recognized worldwide as an expert in smart and sustainable manufacturing, has been named faculty director of the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation.

  • A student sketch from the Interactive Seating class
    Interactive seating: New course models design innovation education

    8/14/2015 - A new course from the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation reinvents the chair and models a new form of engineering education at Berkeley.


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