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  • Robot from the science fiction fantasy film “Terminator Genisys.”
    Musk, Hawking among experts to urge ban on military robots

    7/30/2015 New York Times - Thousands of artificial intelligence researchers and experts are calling for a worldwide ban on so-called autonomous weapons, warning that they could set off a revolution in weaponry comparable to gunpowder and nuclear arms. Signatories include EECS professor Stuart Russell, Apple co-founder (and Berkeley alum) Steve Wozniak, and dozens of other Berkeley Engineering faculty and students.

  • Syed Imran Ali
    What are the ethics of humanitarian technology?

    7/30/2015 Engineering for Change - At this spring's Humanitarian Technology conference, Syed Imran Ali, a postdoctoral fellow in environmental engineering at the Blum Center for Developing Economies, questioned whether, in their zeal to help the world's financially and physically impoverished, engineers are acting in a manner that meets the professional obligation to “first, do no harm.”

  • Dean Sastry with Jack and Eileen McCauley
    Modern-day Edison creates design innovation fund

    7/27/2015 - Jack McCauley’s (B.S.’86 EECS) has been a lifelong tinkerer, inventor and modern-day Edison whose inventions have spanned several disciplines and industries.

  • Checking machinery in Bolt Threads lab
    Improving the work of silkworms and spiders, with yeast

    7/23/2015 - Where some people see mere cobwebs, David Breslauer sees nature’s most robust fiber. Now the bioengineering Ph.D.'s company, Bolt Threads, has learned how to mimic spider silk in the lab — without spiders.

  • Rendering of early Americans during the last Ice Age
    Genes yield clues to arrival of first Americans

    7/21/2015 - Statistical models, including one created by EECS and statistics associate professor Yun Song, confirm that the original Americans crossed a land bridge from Siberia in a single wave no more than 23,000 years ago, at the height of the last Ice Age.

  • 3D-printed 'smart cap' uses electronics to sense spoiled food

    7/20/2015 - UC Berkeley engineers, in collaboration with colleagues at Taiwan’s National Chiao Tung University, have expanded the range of 3D printing technology to include electrical components, successfully printing a wireless “smart cap” for a milk carton that detects signs of spoilage using embedded sensors, .

  • Panasonic exoskeleton
    The exoskeletons are coming

    7/16/2015 MIT Technology Review - Workers could soon strap on a power-assist suit to maneuver heavy objects, as several companies are working toward commercially available exoskeletons, including Ekso Bionics, cofounded by Berkeley mechanical engineering professor Homayoon Kazerooni.

  • Campers experimenting with a robit they built
    Camp gives middle school girls hands-on experience in engineering

    7/16/2015 - At UC Berkeley’s Girls in Engineering summer camps, middle schoolers go from robots to cow legs to edible juice caviar, all in one whirlwind week.

  • Center for Technology, Society and Policy promotes graduate student and postdoc involvement

    7/16/2015 - The UC Berkeley School of Information is launching the Center for Technology, Society and Policy, established with seed funding from Google, to focus on engineering ethics, technology and well-being, standards and governance, and digital citizenship.

  • Alice Agogino
    Alice Agogino: ME trailblazer

    7/15/2015 Blum Center - When historians get around to investigating the trials and triumphs of women scientists in the late 20th century, they would do well to spend some time looking at the career of Alice Merner Agogino, a pioneer in mechanical engineering, development engineering and STEM gender equity.


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