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  • David Culler
    EECS professor David Culler named interim dean for data sciences

    5/26/2017 - Chancellor-designate Carol Christ has appointed EECS professor David Culler as interim dean for the newly created Division of Data Sciences, effective July 1.

  • Screenshots from Super Mario Bros. game
    Researchers teach computers to be curious

    5/25/2017 engadget - When you first played Super Mario Bros, you probably started by exploring, not by racing through the game. Berkeley computer scientists have imparted that same sense of curiosity into their algorithm in a move that could drastically advance the field of artificial intelligence.

  • Mark Velednitsky and the 28 pages of proof replaced by his one-page solution
    IEOR grad student finds short proof for long route

    5/25/2017 - IEOR graduate student Mark Velednitsky has reduced a 28-page proof for the classic traveling salesman problem to just a few lines, which will make it far more accessible to future students.

  • Berkeley robot practices picking up awkward and unusual objects.
    Meet the most nimble-fingered robot yet

    5/25/2017 MIT Technology Review - A dexterous multi-fingered robot, developed by IEOR professor Ken Goldberg and his team, practiced by using virtual objects in a simulated world, showing how machine learning and the cloud could revolutionize manual work.

  • Per Peterson
    The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power

    5/19/2017 Vox - The latest in a series of Climate Lab videos produced by Vox Media and the University of California features the work of nuclear engineering professor and associate dean, Per Peterson.

  • Michael Yartsev
    BioE's Yartsev wins young faculty award

    5/17/2017 - Bioengineering assistant professor Michael Yartsev has been named a 2017 McKnight Scholar, an award honoring the best young neuroscience faculty in the country.

  • A new ferroelectric material developed at Berkeley Lab
    Scientists help thin-film ferroelectrics go extreme

    5/12/2017 Berkeley Lab - Lane Martin, associate professor of materials science and engineering and faculty scientist at Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division, has created the first-ever polarization gradient in a thin film, greatly expanding the range of functional temperatures for ferroelectrics, a key material used in a variety of everyday applications.

  • Students at the starting line of the Bluetooth-controlled vehicle race
    A look at the Jacobs Spring Design Showcase

    5/9/2017 - The 2017 Jacobs Spring Design Showcase capped a semester that saw students develop sustainable products, prototype innovations, apply technology to combating extremism, and race Bluetooth-controlled vehicles through an obstacle course.

  • Google's tensor processing unit, and David patterson at his retirement celebration.
    Next big thing for David Patterson: New chip for Google Brain

    5/8/2017 CNBC - Less than a year after retiring from 40 years at Berkeley Engineering, legendary EECS professor David Paterson is now a key part of the team behind a critical chip that Google uses for artificial intelligence processing.

  • Elizabeth Hausler delivering the 2015 Minner Lecture
    Saving lives through safer buildings

    5/8/2017 Wall Street Journal - The nonprofit group Build Change, founded by Elizabeth Hausler (M.S.'98 Ph.D.'02 CEE), says it has helped create more than 51,000 earthquake-resistant homes and schools in developing countries.


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