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  • Sketch of Hyperlane concept
    A superfast lane for self-driving cars?

    3/22/2017 Fortune - Imagine a future where self-driving cars zip beside interstates at 120 mph, with absolutely zero congestion. That future that could exist as soon as 2050, according to grad students Baiyu Chen (B.S.'14 CEE, M.S.'15 CEE, M.S.'17 EECS) and Anthony Barrs, whose Hyperlane idea was awarded top prize and $50,000 at the Infrastructure Vision 2050 Challenge.

  • Tarek Zohdi, Distinguished Teaching Award winner
    ME's Tarek Zohdi wins 2017 DTA

    3/21/2017 Center for Teaching & Learning - Mechanical engineering professor Tarek Zohdi is one of five winners of this year's Distinguished Teaching Award, honored for "teaching that incites intellectual curiosity." Also selected was Khalid Kadir, who created the Engineering, the Environment and Society course.

  • Shell and Berkeley officials at signing ceremony
    EBI signs partnership with Shell to fund energy tech research

    3/15/2017 - UC Berkeley’s Energy Biosciences Institute has entered into a five-year, multimillion dollar research agreement with Shell International Exploration and Production Inc. to fund research that meets the growing demand for energy in ways that are economically, environmentally and socially responsible.

  • Vern Paxson and Matthias Vallentin
    A "VAST" step forward in cybersecurity

    3/15/2017 Berkeley Research - Working closely with cybersecurity experts at Berkeley Lab, CS professor Vern Paxson and postdoc researcher Matthias Vallentin are developing VAST, a system to help forensic analysts pinpoint how much of an organization’s computer network has been compromised, and where.

  • Spider-silk tie
    Synthetic spider silk for sale in a $314 necktie

    3/15/2017 MIT Technology Review - Bolt Threads, co-founded by bioengineering grad David Breslauer (Ph.D.'10), is releasing its first commercially available spider-silk product: a $314 limited-edition necktie, spun from fibers grown in the startup's lab.

  • Allen Yang at the Center for Augmented Cognition
    Gift from virtual reality pioneer Immerex will create AR/VR lab at Berkeley

    3/14/2017 - A gift from the entertainment virtual reality company Immerex will outfit a new lab for Berkeley’s accelerating work in AR/VR, from training doctors to enhancing artistic performances.

  • Students working in Jacobs Hall
    Countering extremism with technology

    3/13/2017 - Every Thursday afternoon, students gather in a light-filled teaching studio of Jacobs Hall to develop technology-based solutions to a very tangible problem: ideologically motivated violence in the United States.

  • Computer science students Zuhayeer Musa and Jimmy Liu
    Origin stories at The House

    3/13/2017 - A new course this semester combines inspiring startup stories with a nuts-and-bolts guide for accessing and leveraging Berkeley’s maturing innovation ecosystem.

  • Carol Christ
    Carol Christ is pick for next Berkeley chancellor

    3/13/2017 UCOP - UC President Janet Napolitano has selected Carol T. Christ, UC Berkeley’s interim executive vice chancellor and provost and the former president of Smith College, as her choice to become Berkeley's next chancellor, the first woman to serve in the role. UC Regents will vote on the nomination Thursday.

  • Anca Dragan and Fei-Fei Li
    AI needs more humans in it

    3/9/2017 Medium - EECS assistant professor Anca Dragan writes about the AI4ALL education program she's leading at Berkeley, BAIR Camp, where high school students will explore human-centered artificial intelligence.


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