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  • Laura Waller
    Bringing the invisible to light

    2/27/2015 Berkeley Research - EECS professor Laura Waller is working on computational imaging methods for quantitative phase microscopy, which can be applied in a variety of scientific and industrial settings. Her work is supported by the Bakar Fellows Program for young faculty whose work holds commercial promise.

  • Outlining a project at SkyDeck
    SkyDeck accepting spring 2015 applications

    2/26/2015 - SkyDeck, the startup accelerator in downtown Berkeley co-sponsored by the College of Engineering, is accepting applications for their spring 2015 session. All entrepreneurs affiliated with UC Berkeley, Berkeley Lab or UCSF are encouraged to apply; the deadline is March 31.

  • Ken Goldberg at the World Economic Forum
    Forget the Singularity, let’s talk Multiplicity

    2/25/2015 Robohub - EECS and new media professor Ken Goldberg recaps his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where he talked about artificial intelligance and took part in a debate on "Will Machines Make Better Decisions Than Humans?"

  • Thumbnail of video: Jacobs Hall topping out
    Jacobs Hall takes shape

    2/25/2015 - The mood was festive last Friday when the college community gathered to celebrate the placement of the final steel beam atop the new Jacobs Hall.

  • Ashley Tsai and colleagues
    Generation innovation: battling neglected tropical diseases

    2/25/2015 Blum Center - The career trajectory of Ashley Tsai, bioengineering and material science major, was transformed by a Global Policy and Practice experience at Kohn Kaen University in Thailand, where she researched liver fluke infections, a disease common among the rural poor in many countries.

  • Eric Brewer
    Data and development: The Mezuri platform

    2/25/2015 Blum Center - Computer science professor Eric Brewer, leader of the Technology and Infrastructure for Emerging Regions (TIER) group, talks about his platform to better understand development projects through integrated data analysis.

  • John Dueber (right) and bioengineering graduate student Zach Russ examine a culture of indigo-producing E. coli bacteria.
    Greener blue jeans

    2/23/2015 Berkeley Research - The indigo that dyes your favorite pair of jeans blue is wildly popular, but very "dirty" to synthesize chemically. Bioengineering professor and Bakar fellow John Dueber thinks he has found an environmentally green way for industry to churn out the dye without toxic compounds.

  • Engineers Week 2015

    2/23/2015 - Engineers Week (EWeek), a national celebration of science and technology, is underway February 23-27 on campus.

  • New data analytics program
    Decision analytics program announced

    2/18/2015 - Announcing a new part-time, evening program in data-driven decision analytics.

  • Susan Amrose in her lab
    A drop to drink

    2/18/2015 - Susan Amrose, a lecturer in the civil and environmental engineering department, is developing a modular and scalable technology to remove arsenic from drinking water.


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