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  • Eko Devices founders Tyler Crouch, Jason Bellet and Connor Landgraf
    Heart and asthma monitors? There’s an app for that

    8/10/2017 New York Times - Two startup companies spun out of Bioengineering's Senior Capstone Design program are taking the world of remote health monitoring by storm. Monitoring devices by Eko Devices and Knox Medical Diagnostics are changing the landscape of medicine, the New York Times reports.

  • Davis Hall
    Introducing the Henry and Joyce Miedema Chair in CEE

    7/31/2017 - Civil and environmental engineering professor Mark Stacey has been appointed to the newly created Henry and Joyce Miedema Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Alumnus Henry Jay Miedema (CE BS ’61, MS ’63) and Joyce Miedema created the award to support faculty teaching about California water issues.

  • Down the Lawson adit

    7/27/2017 - Hidden on the north side of campus are 900 feet of UC Berkeley's mining history. Berkeley Engineering's own Scott Shackleton, assistant dean, shares the fascinating history of the Lawson mine shaft, which is currently used for earthquake monitoring.

  • Thumbnail of video: Bouncing Around with Salto-1P
    Salto-1P, the amazing jumping robot

    7/18/2017 IEEE Spectrum - Thanks to some mechanical fine-tuning and the clever addition of a pair of thrusters, Salto-1P, the tiny jumping robot from EECS professor Ronald Fearing's Biomimetic Millisystems Lab, is leaping longer, faster and higher than ever. Prepare to be amazed.

  • Fleet of electric cars
    I-Corps supports entrepreneurs building STEM companies

    7/13/2017 - The regional I-Corps program, an NSF-funded collaboration among UC Berkeley, UCSF and Stanford, teaches committed entrepreneurs from STEM disciplines to take a hard look at their ideas and turn them into real, sought-after products in the market.

  • Working on projects on laptops at Jacobs Hall
    Inside the studio: Teaching design innovation

    7/12/2017 Jacobs Institute - Two years on from the opening of Jacobs Hall, faculty share a look at how they’re bringing design innovation into the classroom, fostering creativity and collaboration.

  • Photo illustration of baby with plastic bottles
    Toxic exposure: Chemicals are in our water, food, air and furniture

    7/3/2017 UCSF - As director of UCSF's Program on Reproductive Health and the Environment, Tracey Woodruff (B.S.'85 EECS, Ph.D.'91 BioE) believes that we need to know more about environmental toxics so we can reduce our exposure to the worst of them and protect ourselves and our children from their harmful effects.

  • Roofing material made from recycled cardboard on a home in Ahmedabad, India
    Thinking inside the cardboard box

    6/30/2017 Berkeley Science Review - Traditional aid programs import finite resources that require an agency to distribute and maintain. Blum Center development engineers are changing the game by helping communities use their own resources, knowledge and people-power to solve their problems, says mechanical engineering alum Sonia Travaglini.

  • Single nanowires shown emitting different colors.
    'Soft' semiconductors could transform HD displays

    6/29/2017 Berkeley Lab - A class of semiconductors called halide perovskites could usher in new generation of optoelectronic devices, according to Berkeley Lab scientists led by materials science and engineering professor Peidong Yang.

  • Chengzhi Shi checks the connections between the transducer array and the digital circuit.
    High-speed communications for the deep sea?

    6/29/2017 Berkeley Lab - A new approach to sending acoustic waves through water could open up the world of high-speed communications to activities underwater (including scuba diving, remote ocean monitoring and deep-sea exploration), according to research led by mechanical engineering professor Xiang Zhang.


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