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  • Chai Mishra
    SCET alum builds the supermarket of the future

    9/27/2016 Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology - SCET alum Chai Mishra believes his new food delivery service, Movebutter, will not only change the way we shop for food, but will make the entire food value chain more affordable, equitable and ethical.

  • Millennium Tower in San Francisco
    A sinking skyscraper and a deepening dispute

    9/23/2016 New York Times - The sinking and leaning Millennium Tower in San Francisco is highlighting the risks posed by San Francisco's relatively unfettered rash of skyscraper-building, both because of the quality of the soil and the city's position between two major earthquake faults. "This is the first sentinel telling us maybe we should be a little more careful," says civil engineering professor Nicholas Sitar.

  • Jitendra Malik of UC Berkeley and Fei-Fei Li of Stanford
    A lesson of Tesla crashes? Computer vision can’t do it all yet

    9/21/2016 New York Times - EECS department chair Jitendra Malik, a researcher in computer vision for three decades, doesn’t own a Tesla, but he has advice for people who do. “Knowing what I know about computer vision,,” he said, “I wouldn’t take my hands off the steering wheel.”

  • Fiona Doyle
    Fiona Doyle wins SME metallurgy award

    9/21/2016 - MSE professor Fiona Doyle, dean of the Graduate Division, has been selected by the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration as the 2016 recipient of the Milton E. Wadsworth Award, which recognizes distinguished contributions that advance understanding of the science and technology of non-ferrous chemical metallurgy.

  • EECS professor Stuart Russell
    Toward human-centric A.I.

    9/20/2016 - Twenty years ago, Stuart Russell co-wrote a book titled Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, destined to become the dominant text in its field. Near the end of the book, he posed a question: “What if A.I. does succeed?”

  • Q&A on homebrewed drugs with John Dueber

    9/20/2016 - Bioengineering professor John Dueber talks about the risks and potential rewards of using yeast to convert glucose into a key opioid compound.

  • Grooming the entrepreneurial engineer

    9/20/2016 - The goal of the new M.E.T. program is to prepare future tech leaders by combining business savvy and engineering.

  • Top 50
    In startup sweepstakes, it’s Cal vs. Stanford

    9/14/2016 - In the tech entrepreneurship race, Berkeley alumni created the most companies over the past decade, while Stanford graduated the most company founders, according to the industry analytics firm PitchBook.

  • Macchi Bears outside McLaughlin Hall on the engineering quadrant
    Berkeley again ranks well with U.S. News

    9/13/2016 - Berkeley remained the top-ranked public university, and engineering was again the #3 program overall and the top public engineering school, in the 2017 U.S. News & World Report annual list of “America’s Best Colleges.”

  • Bikes, streetcars, buses and more vehicles on a San Francisco street
    SF, UC Berkeley to continue collaborating on 'smart cities'

    9/9/2016 - This year’s bid by San Francisco and UC Berkeley failed to win the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Smart City Challenge, but the city and university have agreed to continue to jointly explore innovative urban transportation options, and ways that technology can improve city life in general.


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