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  • Nuclear engineering postdocs explain DoseNet to high school science students in Moraga, CA
    Radiation 101: DoseNet delivers environmental data as an educational tool

    5/25/2016 Berkeley Lab - Stretching from East Bay high school science clubs to a Japanese city hall, DoseNet measures natural background radiation levels as an international education and outreach project, run by UC Berkeley nuclear engineering faculty and postdocs working with Berkeley Lab researchers.

  • Artist's concept of driverless vehicles easing traffic along I-80
    On the road to driverless cars

    5/24/2016 Berkeley Science Review - How Berkeley research, including foundational work by PATH plus recent advances in engineering and computer science, is fundamental to industry progress on automated transportation.

  • Graduating student
    Congratulations 2016 graduates!

    5/23/2016 - Congratulations to the Berkeley Engineering Class of 2016.

  • Tiny solar cells developed at UCLA
    This is how cities of the future will get their energy

    5/23/2016 Washington Post - In a paper written for Science magazine, UC Berkeley professor of energy and resources, public policy and nuclear engineering Daniel Kammen explores the potential for using renewable energy technologies in urban areas to promote low-carbon, resilient and livable cities.

  • Chenming Hu with President Obama
    President Obama awards national medals to Alivisatos, Hu

    5/20/2016 - President Barack Obama honored two UC Berkeley faculty members at the White House, awarding chemist Paul Alivisatos with the National Medal of Science and electrical engineer Chenming Hu with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

  • Magnetic Particle Imaging scan
    What you see is what you've got

    5/17/2016 - Bioengineering & EECS professor Steven Conolly and his lab are world leaders in development of a new nanoparticle-based medical imaging procedure, Magnetic Particle Imaging.

  • frugal cast prototype, made from soda bottle and shoelace
    An ecosystem of impact

    5/17/2016 Medium - After a semester in which nearly 30 courses took place in Jacobs Hall, the Jacobs Spring Design Showcase offered a look at how an interdisciplinary ecosystem at Berkeley is fostering a focus on design for real impact.

  • Carlo Séquin, Anca Dragan and Paul Alivisatos
    A college of arts AND sciences

    5/11/2016 - UC Berkeley is rich in both celebrated and hidden artistic talent, including a trio of engineering professors: computer scientist and geometric sculptor Carlo Séquin, roboticist and Lindy hop dancer Anca Dragan, and research vice chancellor and photographer Paul Alivisatos.

  • Postdoctoral researcher Florence Bonvin and David Sedlak use liquid chromatography as one of their tools to track chemical contaminants in water supplies
    Hazards and opportunities in the pipeline

    5/10/2016 Berkeley Research - Environmental engineering professor David Sedlak, whose book Water 4.0 calls for a new revolution in urban water systems, is studying the fate of chemical contaminants in wastewater, seeking better ways to treat and clean the water we depend on.

  • Susan Shaheen speaking at the Smart City Challenge kickoff
    San Francisco, UC Berkeley team up to tackle transit challenges

    5/5/2016 - UC Berkeley transportation researchers joined San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee in inviting the region’s tech companies to join the Smart City Challenge, a Department of Transportation competition that could bring $40 million to the city and UC Berkeley to create the nation’s first smart transportation network.


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