Body mechanics

Berkeley engineers are building better bodies, one part at a time.

Body mechanics

11/1/2014 Berkeley engineers are building better bodies, one part at a time. Working across fields and disciplines, researchers are developing solutions ranging from early disease detection to brain implants and bionic-like exoskeletons. These advances hold the potential to improve quality of life for millions of people. Here is a rundown of a few of the most notable body hacks that have come out of Berkeley Engineering’s labs in recent years. Click on an icon below to learn more. Illustration by Jason...

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Connor Landgraf and the digitally enhanced stethoscope

Devices: Smarter stethoscopes

11/1/2014, by Thomas Walden Levy BioE alum Connor Landgraf has transformed the classic stethoscope into a tool with the potential to save lives and eliminate billions of dollars a year in unnecessary spending.

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Organic electronics could lead to cheap, wearable medical sensors

12/10/2014 UC Berkeley researchers have created a pulse oximeter using all organic materials instead of silicon. The advance could lead to cheap, flexible sensors that could be used like a Band-Aid.

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pulse oximeter sensor composed of all-organic optoelectronics
  • Discovery advances ferroelectrics in quest for lower power transistors

    12/17/2014 CITRIS - A new study led by engineers at UC Berkeley and CITRIS describes the first direct observation of a long-hypothesized but elusive phenomenon called “negative capacitance” in ferroelectric material, which could open the door to a radical reduction in the power consumed by transistors and the devices containing them.

  • Students show off ‘autonomous vehicles’ at L.A. Drone Expo

    12/16/2014 - Berkeley Engineering students joined civil engineering professor Raja Sengupta at the first-ever Drone Expo in Los Angeles on Saturday, demonstrating their “unmanned autonomous vehicles” to a crowd of hobbyists and enthusiasts.

  • Gearing up for the Hour of Code

    12/9/2014 NBC Bay Area - To mark CS Education Week, Jessica Aguirre interviews EECS professor Dan Garcia about the Hour of Code. At Berkeley, CS Education Day on December 9 brings 500 local high school students to campus for a full day of activities related to computer science.

  • Got an earache? S.F. startup says a smartphone’s the cure

    12/9/2014 SFGate - CellScope, a San Francisco startup born in Dan Fletcher's bioengineering lab, believes that telemedicine’s next frontier is buried under earwax. On Tuesday, the company started selling a device that transforms an iPhone into an ear-viewing otoscope.

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