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Smart moves: California's next-gen infrastructure

Next-generation technologies are disrupting traditional ideas of infrastructure, which will soon be laced with sensor networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize efficiency, resiliency and sustainability.

Smart moves: California's next-gen infrastructure

5/1/2017, by Paul Preuss Mention infrastructure and what comes to mind are the physical components that hold a society together, the roads, bridges and dams, power lines, railroad tracks, cell-phone towers and all the rest. But soon the word will mean something much bigger and much smaller: a resilient infrastructure that can manage the energy, water, transportation and other human needs on scales from individual homes to whole cities and entire states. The infrastructure will be everywhere — and right at our fingertips. Ask...

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Sophia and Kai Vetter and the Moto family

Q+A on resilient communities

5/1/2017 Nuclear engineering professor Kai Vetter has founded an organization called the Institute for Resilient Communities, designed to help authorities communicate scientific information following disasters.

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A look at the Jacobs Spring Design Showcase

5/9/2017 The 2017 Jacobs Spring Design Showcase capped a semester that saw students develop sustainable products, prototype innovations, apply technology to combatting extremism, and race Bluetooth-controlled vehicles through an obstacle course.

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Students at the starting line of the Bluetooth-controlled vehicle race
  • BioE's Yartsev wins young faculty award

    5/17/2017 - Bioengineering assistant professor Michael Yartsev has been named a 2017 McKnight Scholar, an award honoring the best young neuroscience faculty in the country.

  • Scientists help thin-film ferroelectrics go extreme

    5/12/2017 Berkeley Lab - Lane Martin, associate professor of materials science and engineering and faculty scientist at Berkeley Lab's Materials Sciences Division, has created the first-ever polarization gradient in a thin film, greatly expanding the range of functional temperatures for ferroelectrics, a key material used in a variety of everyday applications.

  • Next big thing for David Patterson: New chip for Google Brain

    5/8/2017 CNBC - Less than a year after retiring from 40 years at Berkeley Engineering, legendary EECS professor David Paterson is now a key part of the team behind a critical chip that Google uses for artificial intelligence processing.

  • Rikky Muller wins early career professor award

    5/8/2017 Keysight - EECS assistant professor Rikky Muller has been selected to receive the 2017 Keysight Early Career Professor Award for her work in advanced integrated circuits for implantable and wearable medical devices.

Commencement 2017

Graduating student at commencementBerkeley Engineering commencement was held on Tuesday, May 16, at the Greek Theatre. The morning Ph.D. and masters ceremony and the afternoon baccalaureate ceremony were webcast live, and are now available for archived viewing. Also check out out our commencement photo coverage on Instagram.

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