Drone guidance assisted by augmented reality

Seeing is believing

Emerging augmented reality and virtual reality technologies are opening up a new frontier of possibilities for researchers at Berkeley’s new Center for Augmented Cognition.

Seeing is believing

Leveling up with augmented reality

11/1/2016, by Daniel McGlynn When I was a kid, I would set off traversing orienteering courses through the hardwood forests of my native New England. The goal was to find a flag somewhere far off a trail using a topographic map and compass. It’s a very interactive process: I was constantly positioning the map, readjusting headings and trying to find discernible landmarks. Sometimes I would end up lost; other times, with my bearing right on, I felt like a successful explorer, emerging from the...

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Mussel attached by protein-based tethers

Brand new glue

11/1/2016 Inspired by marine mussels, professor Phillip Messersmith is developing a new kind of glue to be used in fetal surgery.

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New nukes

The race is on to develop technologies that will make possible new nuclear reactor designs and safer fuels

11/1/2016, by Daniel McGlynn Nuclear power production is on track for a reboot, with advanced nuclear technologies holding promise for cost-effective energy production.

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Nuclear engineering assistant professor Rachel Slaybaugh
  • CalWave rides Wave Energy Prize

    11/18/2016 University of California - Berkely Lab startup CalWave Power Technologies and its novel “wave carpet” earned second place (and a $500,000 prize) out of an initial 92 teams vying for the U.S. Department of Energy's Wave Energy Prize.

  • Modular exoskeleton will make more workers bionic

    11/17/2016 MIT Technology Review - SuitX, a startup founded by mechanical engineering professor Homayoon Kazerooni, has launched a trio of devices — backX, shoulderX and legX — that use robotic technologies to enhance the abilities of able-bodied workers and prevent common workplace injuries.

  • $1.5 million to study language development, via bats

    10/26/2016 - Seeking insight into the neurobiological basis of language learning, the New York Stem Cell Foundation has granted a $1.5 million Robertson Neuroscience Investigator award to Michael Yartsev, assistant professor of bioengineering, for his novel studies involving bats.

  • DOE recognizes Berkeley, Jacobs Hall for energy innovations

    10/26/2016 Energy.gov - The Energy Department’s Better Buildings Challenge program on Tuesday recognized UC Berkeley for its leadership in energy efficiency, citing in particular the 65 percent energy savings at Berkeley Engineering's new Jacobs Hall facility.


Berkeley M.E.T. Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology

A dynamic duo

One program, two degrees, countless opportunities

Berkeley Engineering has teamed with the Haas School of Business to introduce the new Management, Entrepreneurship, & Technology Program. Study engineering, business and technology innovation, earning two Bachelor of Science degrees in just four years. This program, for incoming freshmen, will feature internships, career coaching and plenty of hands-on practice.


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Berkeley Engineering programs ranked in the top 3 nationally by USN&WR

Stellar faculty

Our faculty includes 73 members of the National Academy of Engineering