Village Base Station (photo courtesy of Kurtis Heimerl)

Outback technology

TIER scales sustainable technology — and tall trees — to bring cell service to rural villages

Outback technology

TIER scales sustainable technology — and tall trees — to bring cell service to rural villages

10/29/2014, by Paul Preuss The western highlands of New Guinea, in the Indonesian province of Papua, are home to one of the planet’s most remote inhabited regions. In the fall of 2012, EECS doctoral students Kurtis Heimerl and Shaddi Hasan headed there to find a village called Desa. “It takes two or three jet...

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Ken Goldberg

The robot in the cloud

10/27/2014 In a conversation with the New York Times' Bits blog, Berkeley Engineering professor, roboticist and new media pioneer Ken Goldberg discusses what he thinks will be one of the great technology breakthroughs of our age: the fusing of robotics and cloud computing.

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Devices: Portable spirometer

10/30/2014 Charvi Shetty’s (B.S.’12 BioE, M.S. ’13 UCSF biomedical imaging) efforts to build a better asthma monitoring tool recently became personal. While serving as control group during prototype testing of a new device that originated in bioengineering professor Amy Herr’s senior capstone course, her test results showed that, like millions of Americans, she too has asthma. “I’d had some problems with...

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Charvi Shetty
  • Lord of the microrings

    10/31/2014 Berkeley Lab - In a significant breakthrough in laser technology, scientists led by Xiang Zhang of Berkeley Engineering and Berkeley Lab have developed a unique microring laser cavity that can produce single-mode lasing even from a conventional multi-mode laser cavity.

  • Scientists consider repurposing robots for Ebola

    10/23/2014 New York Times - Robotics scientists, pondering the intriguing possibility of repurposing existing search-and-rescue robots to help contain the Ebola epidemic, are planning a nationwide series of brainstorming meetings, including one Nov. 7 at UC Berkeley.

  • American Physical Society honors Gadgil

    10/14/2014 Berkeley Lab - The American Physical Society has given its 2015 Leo Szilard Lectureship Award to Ashok Gadgil, professor of civil and environmental engineering, "for applying physics to a variety of social problems and developing sustainable energy, environmental and public health technologies."

  • Engineering improvements for the world

    10/6/2014 Washington Post - A new generation of development engineers, “dedicated to using engineering and technology to improve the lot of the world’s poorest people,” is emerging around the world, write Dean Shankar Sastry and Lina Nilsson, innovation director of the Blum Center for Developing Economies, in a Washington Post op-ed article.

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