Oski and student engineers

Welcome new Berkeley Engineers!

Come visit us — Berkeley Engineering hosts special events for new admits in April, including dozens of demos, tours, exhibits and lectures on Cal Day (April 18).

Welcome new Berkeley Engineers!

6/19/2014 Cal Day Photo by Noah Berger If you have one day to visit Berkeley Engineering, make it Cal Day! At this annual event — to be held Saturday, April 18 in 2015 — the college hosts more than 60 events, demonstrations, tours, exhibits and lectures throughout the day to help...

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Mario Lio

Out of the shadows

3/12/2015, by Kirsten Mickelwait Mario Lio (B.S. ’10 CEE) proves that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) initiative, along with a lot of hard work and determination, can be life-changing.

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Tensegrity robots make headlines

3/23/2015 Tensegrity robots have been featured in a host of recent media articles. The spherical cable-and-rod structures are being developed by mechanical engineering professor Alice Agogino's team, working with NASA Ames and their collaborators, for tasks ranging from space exploration to home health care.

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Tensegrity robot
  • Synthetic coatings: Super surfaces

    3/26/2015 Nature - Characteristics adapted from lizards, ivy and other natural materials could help to engineer everyday objects with remarkable properties. Professor Phillip Messersmith, a Berkeley materials scientist and bioengineer, is studying mussel adhesive, which is ideal for securing objects underwater.

  • Michael Stonebraker wins $1 million Turing Award

    3/25/2015 MIT - MIT researcher Michael Stonebraker, who revolutionized the field of database management systems in his nearly three decades as a Berkeley EECS professor, has won the Association for Computing Machinery’s A.M. Turing Award, often referred to as “the Nobel Prize of computing.”

  • The waves of the future may bend around metamaterials

    3/24/2015 New York Times - In recent years, scientists have learned how to construct materials that bend light, radar, radio, even seismic waves in ways that do not naturally occur. A key pioneer of these metamaterials is Berkeley Engineering's Xiang Zhang, whose lab has created optical “superlenses” that may one day surpass the power of today’s microscopes.

  • Paul Alivisatos to step down as lab director

    3/24/2015 Berkeley Lab - Berkeley Lab Director Paul Alivisatos, who is also a professor of materials science and engineering and chemistry, on Tuesday announced his intention to leave his position once a successor can be recruited to lead the lab.

Cal Day

Cal Day

Saturday, April 18, 9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Cal flag wavingImagine seeing the most exciting, outrageous, informative aspects of Berkeley and the College of Engineering, all in one day! It’s called Cal Day, an extravaganza of events that showcase the brilliance and fun of Berkeley. On Cal Day, Berkeley Engineering will present more than 70 events, including demonstrations, lab tours, exhibits and lectures.

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