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Engineers' guide to Cal Day

Join us for Cal Day 2017. Here is a quick guide to selected engineering-related events, along with a map to help navigate the north side of campus.

Engineers' guide to Cal Day

3/28/2017 Want a behind-the-scenes look at Berkeley Engineering? Cal Day gives prospective students, families of current students and the wider community a chance to explore some of the world’s most cutting-edge research and academic programs. More than 300 events across campus are planned for Saturday, April 22, 2017. All events are...

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Alexei Efros

Image alchemist Alexei Efros wins ACM computing prize

4/18/2017 The Association for Computing Machinery has awarded its 2016 Prize in Computing to EECS professor Alexei Efros "for groundbreaking data-driven approaches to computer graphics and computer vision."

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Engineering student team readies competition house

4/17/2017 A group led by Berkeley civil engineering students will take an innovative, zero net energy house into a Denver competition this fall, organized by the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Drawing of the RISE group's planned house
  • Nature’s Brita filters

    4/19/2017 Salon - CEE professor Ashok Gadgil, co-lead for the Berkeley Lab's Water-Energy Initiative, talks about engineering new solutions to solve the water crisis using simple, cheap and abundant ingredients, like wood, sunlight, even human waste.

  • Serious design, construction and maintenance defects doomed Oroville Dam, report says

    4/18/2017 LA Times - In the first major assessment of the Oroville Dam spillway failure in February, civil engineering professor emeritus Robert Bea, co-founder of Berkeley's Center for Catastrophic Risk Analysis, has concluded that design and construction flaws, as well as maintenance errors, were to blame.

  • An interstellar journey

    4/13/2017 - A group of Berkeley students is developing the tools and technologies for humanity’s next big step — exploring the deep reaches of space.

  • Katherine Yelick, 3 alumni named AAAS fellows

    4/12/2017 AAAS - EECS professor Katherine Yelick is one of 228 newly elected fellows of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation's oldest learned societies. Also honored in the 2017 class are Berkeley Engineering alumni Hari Balakrishnan, Andrea Goldsmith and Paul Jacobs.

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