Congratulations graduates!

In case you missed it: Watch the 2015 commencement ceremonies.

Congratulations graduates!

5/18/2015 Congratulations to the Class of 2015. Video of the undergraduate ceremony: Undergraduate photo album: Video of the graduate ceremony: Graduate photo album:

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Robotic coackroach launching a bird-like robot

Robotic cockroaches are perfect tiny aircraft carriers for robotic birds

5/27/2015 Researchers in the Biomimetic Millisystems Lab created a robot system capable of running and flying by combining their VelociRoACH (a ground-based robot modeled after a cockroach) with the H 2 Bird ornithopter (a birdlike robot).

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In the domain of design

5/1/2015, by Paul Preuss In this special issue, engineering faculty look at how design innovation is used to solve "wicked problems."

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Björn Hartmann
  • Two engineering faculty named Bakar Fellows

    5/28/2015 - Computer science professors Pieter Abbeel and Michael Lustig are now members of the Bakar Fellows Program, which is designed to translate research discoveries to marketable ventures. The fellows will receive up to five years of funding to help them introduce and scale new technologies that are likely to stimulate California’s economy.

  • Discovery paves way for homebrewed drugs, prompts call for regulation

    5/18/2015 - Research led by Berkeley bioengineers has completed key steps needed to turn sugar-fed yeast into a microbial factory for producing therapeutic drugs. But because the work could lead to home-brewing of opiates and other controlled substances, the researchers warn that regulators and law enforcement need to pay attention, too.

  • Drug perks up old muscles and aging brains

    5/13/2015 - UC Berkeley bioengineers have discovered that a small-molecule drug simultaneously perks up old stem cells in the brains and muscles of mice, a finding that could lead to drug interventions for humans that would make aging tissues throughout the body act young again.

  • ME's Wienkers is University Medal finalist

    5/12/2015 - Aaron Wienkers, a graduating senior in mechanical engineering, is one of four finalists for the 2015 University Medal, which honors honors outstanding scholarship, public service and strength of character. He is also the recipient of the ME department citation.

Biodesign Immersion Experience

Bioengineers build bridges — between the clinic and the lab, between engineering and medicine, between pioneers and practitioners. This summer, the Biodesign Immersion Experience (BIE) will help prepare UC Berkeley juniors and seniors to bridge engineering innovation and unmet clinical needs. 

Conceived and led by Professor Amy Herr, and funded by a 5-year NIH grant, the BIE puts 8-10 students through an intensive training to identify areas where bioengineering invention is needed.

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