Smart moves: California's next-gen infrastructure

Next-generation technologies are disrupting traditional ideas of infrastructure, which will soon be laced with sensor networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize efficiency, resiliency and sustainability.

ABOVE: Costas Spanos, leading a project to develop super-smart buildings, bikes past the new Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. (Photo by Noah Berger)

Steps to launch a startup: 1. problem 2. Idea / discovery 3. Build a team 4. Prototype 5. Pitch to investors 6. Scale 7. Impact

Assembly instructions

At Berkeley, 536 students have launched 468 startup companies since 2010 — the most of any public university. How does Berkeley do it? Oski demonstrates.

Carol Christ named chancellor

With a unanimous vote by the regents in March, Carol Christ is now the 11th chancellor of UC Berkeley.

Jungiao Wu and graduate students in the lab

The rule-breaker

Professor of materials science and engineering Junqiao Wu has identified an outlier in the materials world: Vanadium dioxide can conduct electricity without conducting heat.