Life with machine: Robot relationships get real

Three Berkeley professors studying artificial intelligence and robotics are testing how machines and humans come into physical contact, behave independently and interact with one another. The common goal: to create machines with the intelligence to better serve and work with human beings.

Above: Anca Dragan interacts with her robot helper. (Photos by Noah Berger)

Drone at Berkeley

Making unmanned flight safe

Responsible Robotics is creating new technologies that enable drone operators to easily comply with emerging Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Inundation projections

Rising seas

A cross-disciplinary team of researchers is studying how sea-level rise will impact and disrupt the Bay Area using a variety of data modeling and analysis methods.

Thermoelectric device

Thermoelectrics: An old, new tech

Alphabet Energy is betting on a resurgence of thermoelectrics with new technology to convert energy lost as heat into clean, recycled power.