Sophie's super hand

Born with symbrachydactyly, eight-year-old Sophie doesn’t have fully developed finger bones in her left hand, but with the help of a CITRIS Invention Lab team, she is the new user of a 3-D printed super hand.

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Above: Sophie climbing with her 3D-printed prosthetic hand. (Photo by Noah Berger)

Bioengineering professor Kevin Healy

Microscopic models of the human heart

Bioengineering professor Kevin Healy and his team have developed a “heart on a chip” and “heart on a dot,” potentially opening more accurate and efficient drug screening methods.

JustMilk device to deliver nutrients with breast milk

Fortifying breast milk

Mechanical engineering professor Alice Agogino has teamed up on a project that is providing safe nutrient delivery to newborns.

BRETT and Pieter Abbeel

Q+A with BRETT

“How can we get a robot to think about situations it’s never seen before?” asks EECS professor Pieter Abbeel. In this Q&A, BRETT, resident robot in Abbeel’s lab, describes its experiences with deep learning.