If circumstances arise that require you to withdraw from the semester, you should be aware of the following policies and procedures:

  • Submit a withdrawal request which can be accessed on your CalCentral Dashboard under Student Resources.
  • Contact your Engineering Student Services (ESS) Adviser as soon as possible to complete the withdrawal process.
  • You may be granted a withdrawal at any time during the semester up through the last day of instruction (i.e., last day of RRR week).
  • If you withdraw between the first day of classes and Friday of the eighth week of classes, you may be eligible for readmission the following term.
  • If you withdraw after the eighth week of classes, you will be subject to the semester-out rule, which means you are not eligible to enroll at UC Berkeley the following semester.

Fee refunds

A prorated refund of registration fees will be processed according to the calendar published on the Office of the Registrar's website. Fee refunds are based on the date you submitted your withdrawal request on CalCentral, not when you stop attending classes. Special rules regarding refunds apply to students on financial aid, please consult with the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office.

Withdrawing for medical reasons

If you wish to withdraw for medical reasons, you must consult with University Health Services/Tang Center to discuss the possibility of medical withdrawal.

Withdrawing on subject to dismissal status

If you withdraw while you are on subject to dismissal status, it is important to consult with your ESS Adviser to discuss conditions for readmission.