Who is my ESS adviser?

ESS adviser assignments are based on major. Engineering Undeclared students see adviser Joey Wong until declaration of their majors.

A-S: see Joey Wong, joeywong@berkeley.edu
T-Z: see Shareena Samson, shareena@berkeley.edu

Civil Engineering: see Catherine Bouvier Dang, catherinedang@berkeley.edu

Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences:
A-Ha: see Bryan Jones, bkjones@berkeley.edu
Hb-Ma: see Shareena Samson, shareena@berkeley.edu
Mb-Sh: see Dawn Strough, dstrough@berkeley.edu
Si-Z: see Olivia Chan, oychan@berkeley.edu

Energy Engineering: see Olivia Chan, oychan@berkeley.edu

Engineering Mathematics & Statistics: see Olivia Chan, oychan@berkeley.edu

Engineering Physics: see Bryan Jones, bkjones@berkeley.edu

Environmental Engineering Science: see Olivia Chan, oychan@berkeley.edu

Industrial Engineering & Operations Researchsee Dawn Strough, dstrough@berkeley.edu

Materials Science & Engineering: see Kathy Barrett, kbarrett@berkeley.edu

Mechanical Engineering
A-R: see Chaniqua Butscher, chaniqua@berkeley.edu
S-T: see Catherine Bouvier Dang, catherinedang@berkeley.edu
U-Z: see Kathy Barrett, kbarrett@berkeley.edu

Nuclear Engineering: see Chaniqua Butscher, chaniqua@berkeley.edu

Joint majors: 
Bioengineering/Materials Science & Engineering: see Joey Wong, joeywong@berkeley.edu
All others: see Kathy Barrett, kbarrett@berkeley.edu

Double majors: 
Bioengineering and Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences: see Joey Wong, joeywong@berkeley.edu
All others: Student's choice

Undeclared engineering: see Joey Wong, joeywong@berkeley.edu

Limited (Education Abroad visitors): see Chaniqua Butscher, chaniqua@berkeley.edu