What should I study?

We encourage students to take a balanced load of engineering and non-engineering courses, completing breadth requirements and fulfilling upper-division requirements. Transferability of coursework isn’t an issue for students at UCEAP campuses, but students in some affiliate and independent programs must look into this. Advisers in the Berkeley Study Abroad office can answer your questions about transferring credit.

Students should also consider whether study-abroad coursework will satisfy major requirements. The courses need to be evaluated by the department before credit is given. If you can get a course syllabus prior to leaving, you can learn if the course is equivalent by obtaining a course evaluation form from your ESS adviser. This will let you know whether you’ll receive full subject credit, partial subject credit (whereby you need to complete a bridge course to fulfill the subject requirement) or receive no subject credit. If you wait until your return to handle this, you risk losing credit. Note that all courses used to fulfill major requirements must be taken for a letter grade.