What courses should I complete to be eligible?

Transfer applicants must meet UC admissions requirements, which are detailed online at the University of California’s admissions website. In addition, applicants must satisfy the general requirements for admission to Berkeley, as well as the lower-division required courses for their intended major, as listed on ASSIST. The undergraduate degree requirements can be found in the College of Engineering Undergraduate Guide. Please note, the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) offered at California community colleges is not accepted by the College of Engineering.

Applicants must complete all of the required courses for admission and as many of the strongly recommended courses that are available at their school for their intended major. Technical courses must be taken for a letter grade. Applicants must also complete the equivalent of UC Berkeley’s English 1A and English 1B for a letter grade. If a combination of courses is required to satisfy a particular requirement or requirements at Berkeley, then all courses in that combination must be completed in order to receive credit; no partial credit is given. For example, per ASSIST, De Anza College’s combination of Math 1A and Math 1B are both required to satisfy Berkeley’s Math 1A requirement. Both courses must be taken at De Anza to satisfy the Berkeley Math 1A requirement. Required courses must be completed by the end of the spring semester prior to fall enrollment.

If they would like to complete suitable courses prior to admission, transfer applicants are encouraged to visit our page on humanities and social sciences requirements for more information.