What are the college’s general policies about studying abroad?

  • Students can go for up to two semesters.
  • Students are encouraged to go during their sophomore or junior year.
  • Transfer students should try to go during their third or fourth semester.
  • The latest a student should go is the first semester of senior year. Students who go abroad in their last semester might delay their graduation.
  • An additional semester can be granted for study abroad.
  • We will waive the college’s senior residency rule for students in UCEAP.
  • Students who want to take technical courses for their major while on study abroad should get the syllabi and have Berkeley faculty review it beforehand. The official evaluation of the courses will be done when the student returns. Students must bring the syllabi and course descriptions to their ESS adviser, who will give them the course evaluation forms and instruction on how to have the courses reviewed.
  • If you have selected an independent program that requires a planned leave of absence, consult with your ESS adviser.
  • Students who are in a simultaneous degree program must get approval from both colleges to participate in study abroad. If their simultaneous degree plan is for nine semesters, the College of Engineering will approve a tenth semester for studying abroad, if necessary.