Registration troubleshooting

Scheduling tips

  • You may find that the class times you have chosen might not be available by the time you can enroll, so be sure to check if the lectures/labs/discussions you want are full before your enrollment period and adjust your schedule accordingly.
  • While many classes do have a waitlist, there is not a guarantee you will get in to the class from the waitlist. Be prepared to enroll in a time that might be your second or third choice–such as an 8:00 a.m. lecture or late afternoon lab.
  • While the scheduling system may allow you to enroll in a class with a time conflict with another class in your schedule, in general, you should avoid schedules with time conflicts. Some classes use lab or discussion times for midterm exams. Conflicting lecture times means you will likely have conflicting final exam times. Instructors are not required to make alternate exam arrangements for time conflicts. Also, check the final exam schedule to make sure you will not have a conflict. You can find the final exam times for your intended classes here.
  • You may find the answers you need in the SIS Enrollment FAQs:

CalCentral problems

  • If you experience issues enrolling in a course, you can contact Cal Student Central by calling (510) 664-9181. Be sure to watch the Schedule Planner and videos first. These videos explain the #1 reason students don’t get into courses: enrollment restrictions or reserve caps.
  • If you are having technical issues with access to CalCentral, you should submit a help request by emailing, explaining your issues as clearly as possible and noting any error messages you may have received. While your ESS Adviser can also try to troubleshoot, your best bet is to submit a ticket.

Error messages

If you receive an error message when you try to enroll it will likely be for the following reasons:

  1. We have found that most error messages occur because students try to enroll in a class for which they do not meet the course restrictions or reserve caps. As explained in our Schedule Planner video you can search for course restrictions/seat reservations for each of your classes in Schedule Planner. You can also find course restrictions/seat reservations in We recommend you check your courses to make sure you are eligible to enroll in the course. Although many courses do not reserve seats, it is a good idea to check all of your courses prior to your registration date. If you do not meet the reserve caps you can try to add yourself to the waitlist.
  2. You tried to enroll in more than 17.5 units.
  3. The class is full. Remember to check the “add to the waitlist” option when you add courses to your shopping cart.

Should I swap or waitlist? What is the difference?

  • Swapping allows you to hold a spot in two classes at once. The class that you are swapping does not count towards your 17.5 unit enrollment maximum if you enroll in all of your other courses first and then process the swap. For instance, you may really want to get into Music 26AC but the class is full, although there is still space on the waitlist. You have Anthro 2AC as a backup and it still has open seats. You can enroll in Anthro 2AC (and enroll in all your other courses) and then do a swap with Music 26AC. If a space opens up in Music 26AC; the enrollment system will automatically add you into the swap class and drop you from Anthro 2AC. Please note it is your responsibility to check your enrollments on your My Academics page as you will not be notified that the swap has occurred.
  • Waitlisting works best if that is the class you need and you don’t really have backup options. For example, Math 53 lecture 1 is the only math course that works with your schedule. Then you should waitlist if you can. We recommend trying to find the discussion section with the shortest waitlist as you are moved off of the waitlist and into the class if space opens in your discussion section.
  • The Enrollment and Adjustment video shows you the basics on how to do a swap.

Helpful Videos

For all students:

  1. Schedule Planner
  2. How to use
  3. Enrollment and Adjustment

For freshmen:

  1. Frosh guide to H/SS
  2. Choosing an awesome R&C course

For transfers:

  1. Transfer guide to H/SS

Department Specific Enrollment Information

Math: Please check the following math department websites for information on course enrollment:

Chemistry: Check the department’s Chemistry Course Enrollment Information page for very helpful advice on enrolling in lower division chemistry courses including Chem 1A/1AL and 3A/3AL.

EECS: Please check the EECS Department website for course enrollment information for CS or EE courses.