First-generation mentor program

The First-Generation Mentor Program (FGMP) is a year-long program designed to provide individualized mentorship, professional development opportunities, and academic support to first-generation students in the College of Engineering. As part of this program, you’ll build strong relationships with your mentor or mentee, increase your awareness of campus and off-campus resources, and gain the skills needed to succeed at Berkeley.

Goals of the program

  • To increase the retention and success of a first-generation students in the College of Engineering
  • To provide individualized and ongoing mentorship from peers, graduate students, faculty, and alumni
  • To increase campus acculturation and sense of belonging in the engineering community
  • To mitigate the academic, professional, and social challenges faced by many first-generation college students


Claire-Marie Kooi

Student Engagement Programs Manager
227 Bechtel Engineering Center

2020-2021 Program details

The FGMP is a year-long, two tiered program where (1) first-generation upper-division engineering students mentor first-generation lower-division engineering students and (2) alumni, faculty, and graduate students mentor first-generation upper-division engineering students.

There are three components to the FGMP:

  • Individualized mentorship: You will meet one-on-one with your mentor or mentee throughout the academic year.
  • Workshops: You will attend workshops focused on professional development, academic success, and wellness.
  • Staff support: You will meet with the program manager throughout your mentorship to discuss any challenges and to ensure progress on both academic and professional goals.


  1. Submit an application
    Mentee Application
    Mentor Application
    Please note that not all mentors and mentees will be selected. There are a limited number of spots and selection will be based on major, interests, and other matching criteria. If selected, mentors will receive a $700 stipend for the year if they are paired with two mentees. Mentors will receive an $800 stipend for the year if they are paired with three mentees.
  2. Attend the mandatory training and Kick-off event

  3. One-on-one meetings and workshops
    Mentors and mentees are required to meet at least five times per semester. You will also be required to check-in with the program manager at least two times per semester to update on progress and discuss any challenges. Mentors and mentees are also required to attend all workshops throughout the academic year.  ​